Located an hour away by ferry from Hong Kong, Macau is considered to be the Asian Las Vegas that rivals the gambling capital of the USA, and the wealth, ingenuity and architectural scale in many respects her superior.

the Giant hotels Venetian, Parisien, Galaxy, Grand Lisboa, Wynn striking architectural forms, dazzle lights, brand new amazing Roman Coliseum and the Eiffel tower with needles, trees with Golden leaves, the world’s greatest pools with sandy beaches, water extravaganzas and Venice, located on the third floor of the hotel with all its canals, gondoliers and St. mark’s square in full size. All this hybrid endless shopping centers with vast casino, money to burn come here from all over China.

the film Festival there arose five years ago on the initiative of Marco Muller – one of most influential chinamanager of the planet, backed by the largest film festivals in Locarno, Turin, Rome, Beijing, former art Director of the Venetian Mostry. Hardly running the first festival, Muller before the start suddenly was gone, for fear of corruption scandals in which the press accused started chiropractic tycoons. But the festival survived, recovered his shattered reputation and already taking some authority as one of the largest film festivals in the Asian continent. Its several sections include international and national competitions, as well as information thematic programme. Last year the Grand Prix in the international competition was won by the film “Give me liberty” by American Director Russian-born Kirill Mikhanovsky. Viewings take place in the great well air-conditioned halls of the most luxurious casino of the city, and it was my very first Christmas, which can be found in shorts.

the theme of the next, the fifth festival will be “a Celebration of life and the big screen” festival is going to pompously celebrate the return of cinema after a long break in the pandemic. As promised Directorate, a special section will be devoted to the benefits of watching on a big cinema screen in comparison with the home chamber view. “IFFAM would like to celebrate the return of audiences to cinemas and emphasize the joy of this wonderful fellowship of movie lovers, said the festival’s artistic Director Mike Goodridge. – We can’t wait for the moment when the cinema is open again”. As noted by the President of the organizing Committee of the festival, the Director of the Bureau of the Macau government tourist Maria Helena de Senna Fernandes, “in these difficult times, when COVID-19 created a huge obstacle to normal life in the world, the industry continues stubbornly to move forward, and that gives us hope”.

the Festival in Macau will be held from 3 to 8 December, applications for participation are accepted from filmmakers, starting June 15.