If Philip Kirkorov, who, as it turned out, made a marriage proposal to Lyubov Uspenskaya 30 years ago, still took his girlfriend to the registry office, much would have changed in the starry show business crowd. Philip and Lyubov talked about this after the show “New Year’s Mask”, – writes the slovodel portal.

The multiple winner of the “Chanson of the Year” award took the stage in a Christmas Tree outfit. Philip Kirkorov quickly exposed Uspenskaya, after which a frank conversation took place between them.

“Thank you, my friend Philip. My failed husband …” – said the star of the domestic chanson.

Kirkorov immediately explained that he and Lyuba really could have become husband and wife 30 years ago. On the eve of that long-ago New Year, Philip really called the singer down the aisle. But it didn’t go beyond talking. The stars speculated that now they could be called Philip Ouspensky and Lyubov Kirkorova.

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Lyubov Uspenskaya and Philip Kirkorov have been on excellent terms for many years. Once the singer even gave a colleague a concert dress for 15 thousand euros. But a couple of words carelessly thrown by the king of Russian pop music led to a conflict that dragged on for several years, and only now is finally over.