When the ‘Luksusfældens’ experts left the Simon and Simone in Tuesday’s section of the program, so the future is bright for the pair from Denver.

But now – half a year after the filming – the situation is completely different for the pair, who have chosen to go from each other. Skilsmissepapirerne was sent off in January, and in early February moved Simon out.

the 29-year-old Simone stresses that the fracture in the higher level was due to disputes about city tours, and jealousy than the ailing economy.

the Latter, however, was also the subject of the disputes, even though the ‘Luksusfældens’ experts, Kenneth Hansen and Carsten Linnemann, tried to guide the couple’s economy on the right path.

“We also had minor problems before. I just think I got the eyes up for the problems, and it all became too much, after the experts had been there,” says Simone, and he continues:

“We saw differently on the economy. It took very hard on us, as ‘Luksusfældens’ experts were here, and I felt that I took it more seriously.”

While Simon can easily recognize that the byturene was instrumental to give the relationship the kiss of death, he does not completely agree with that Simone took the economy more seriously.

“I don’t think she took it more seriously. But with everything that happened at the end of the relationship, I thought not so much about the money. I was thinking more over to save the relationship, and then we could take care of the economy behind,” he says.

The wrecked relationship to the page is the pair, however, satisfied with their participation in the ‘Luksusfælden’.

“It has given me an overview of my economy, and I have changed a lot of habits. So I’m all in all glad to have been with,” says Simone.

‘Luksusfældens’ experts did, as you know, an overall budget for the pair, and it has therefore also had an impact on simone’s economy, that she and Simon are no longer together. This means, among other things, that she right now does not have the money to pay his debts.

the program reads it, that the pair combined owe just under 700,000. Which is 523.000 crowns in simone’s name. The debt appears to be less equal with the same.

“It has been a bit of a defeat, but there is nothing to do right now.”

“I have written to my creditors, that I would like the set enables it to comfortably service on the break, I will find a job. I would not have done, before I met ‘Luksusfældens’ experts. There I would just have been indifferent and turned a blind eye to it.”

Simone fear not, she again ends up in the old, toxic spiral. She assures that she has taken the experts ‘ advice to heart and now will do its to get in debt for life.

It also means that she has dropped the many restaurants. Instead serves she homemade food for his children, which also helps.

“It’s cozier, because I get a project together with the children. I feel I have become a better mother to make things with my children.”

and to get Simone and the kids in the company of Simon. The two are still friends. However, it was the right decision of going for her:

“I have both been happier and has more energy, because we do not quarrel all the time. But the situation is of course annoying,” says Simone, and Simon totally agree:

“I think it is difficult. It is strange when you have been accustomed to live together.”