Referring to the one hundred thousandth the audience, among whom were guests from Union States and Ukraine, Alexander Lukashenko, whose words are quoted by his press service, called the celebration a rehearsal of the main Slavic holiday which will take place just a few days in the Northern capital of the Republic, – “Slavianski Bazaar in Vitebsk”.

In the agro-town in these days you can get acquainted with national traditions of Belarus, to visit the town of craftsmen, which brought together artisans from all corners of the Blue-eyed. That’s why, in the opinion of the leader of the country, the owners of craft and farm homesteads, Belarusian and foreign artists who visited the festival, not just become friends, and almost intermarried. “After all, sincere friendship, the desire to meet always been stronger than any barriers and distances”.

Meeting on the banks of the Dnieper, said the head of state, allows for the eleventh time to look into each other’s eyes, to talk with senior and old friends, make new friends. “We breathed summer, filled with the aroma of honey and ripening of the ears the air of the Belarusian fields. We heard birds singing, saw the starry sky without the city lights. We have the opportunity again to take in what was most ordinary in our barefoot childhood, but became for many in the modern world is a real luxury,” with poetic lyricism Lukashenka stated.

no Wonder, he referred to folk wisdom, a Paradise for every man where is his heart. And “my heart is irrevocably given this land and these people. All Belarusians. Our wise and strong people, who knows the value of words and deeds”, – the President emphasized.

He recalled that this year completes the trilogy homeland. “Look around you. Let’s see how many good, necessary made by us in our native land. Remember what it was even two or three years ago. But five, ten, a quarter of a century? Your great merit is that yet another generation grows up in a prosperous, clean, peaceful and beautiful country”, – stated the Belarusian leader.

Recalling the first steps of building an independent state, he confessed that they were given a hard time. “After all we absolutely know for sure: loaf of fresh, fragrant, natural bread – the result of long, arduous and painstaking work. And in the state. To work on the result, unite before any test, to overcome all difficulties is the only way to create a better future for their country and their people. – Sure – only together”, – he concluded.

a Gala concert, laser show and Grand fireworks ended the first day of the national festival in Alexandria, BelTA informs. With creative numbers were Anatoly Yarmolenko, the group “Aura”, Irina Bilyk. A pleasant surprise for the guests of the festival was the performance of the Russian artist Denis Maidanov.