President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko gave the inhabitants of the country guidelines that, in his opinion, supposed to protect people from the coronavirus. He advised me to go outside and ride a bike.

This will help to “trouble breathing” and light “will earn as follows,” reports He noted that people who sit at home, “snot hanging” can’t be healthy.

The politician also asked the men not to meet girls. However, if the relationship lasts for some time, they can continue.

If you already kissed someone, you kiss on. If you’re a man, do not go to another woman and so on. Well, be patient for a month. If you’re rubbed in the family, stay in the family, he concluded.

A few days earlier, the Belarusian leader Alexander Lukashenko said that the country “has its own methods and its own way of overcoming this misfortune.” He assured that the authorities are continuously monitoring the situation and will not risk the health of citizens. Nevertheless, the country did not restrict the operation of enterprises and continue preparations for the may 9 Victory day parade.

Wrote Lukashenko said that the epidemiological situation on the territory of the state “more or less normal.” He also drew attention to the fact that Belarus after disintegration of the USSR has not closed any hospital.