Moscow. June 22. INTERFAX.RU — the President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko visited the 38th separate guards Brest airborne assault Vienna red banner brigade and told how in the West suppress the protests.

“When you hear talk about some democracy, you have to understand that in the form in which we understand this democracy, its not close in any country,” — said Lukashenko. President quotes the state Agency BelTA.

According to him, in France to restore order involved not only the gendarmerie, but the military. Also, he continued, harshly dealt with popular unrest in the US: in some cities imposed curfews and armed forces.

in addition, Lukashenko during the meeting recalled the updated Military doctrine of Belarus, who was aligned with the modern challenges.

“once again: the front of the front not going to fight, no war. This is a local war. And hybrid war. It’s not just shooting (this later). Begins with information wars, and we see it today,” he said.

As reported, on Friday, June 19, and last weekend in Minsk and other cities held rallies in support of alternative presidential candidates. According to the interior Ministry, only on June 19 was arrested 270 people.