President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko saw the way of protection from the storms and tribulations in the historical memory of the people. It is reported BelTA.

“Remember, we’re together with their children come to the memorials and obelisks, the Lord will be with us, we will always be able to protect from storms and misfortunes. But as soon as we forget people’s path to these majestic places in the history of our country, expect trouble”, he said.

Lukashenko noted that all human life, and the more States created from the characters.

Earlier, Lukashenko said that the Belarusians independence was more than a thousand years. According to Lukashenko, the independence Day, celebrated on July 3, became a symbol of freedom of the Belarusian people, who conquered death in the most terrible war in human history. He stressed that the Great Patriotic war became a war for the place of Belarusians in history, the young Republic on the world map. The origins of Belarusian independence, in his opinion, are in the “ancient times”.