The leader of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko on the background of the upcoming elections in the Republic the head of state is trying to copy the policies of Russian President Vladimir Putin since his “Munich speech”, according to analysts publication “Deita”.

We are talking about the story recently shown on the Central TV channel of the country “Belarus 1”, which touches on the subject of Russian interference in Belarusian presidential elections. The journalists said that the alleged money laundering on the territory of the Republic are relevant representatives of Gazprombank and even Deputy Minister of Finance of the Russian Federation Andrey Kruglov.

Experts compare the attack Lukashenko to Moscow with the “Munich speech” of Vladimir Putin when the Russian leader said he understands the logic of events in the world and called to “play fair”.

“Lukashenko in their dealings with Moscow just as Putin in Munich – we say, everything we see and understanding <…> so let’s agree to be honest”, says the article.

Analysts believe that in this way Lukashenka wants to reinforce its position in the eyes of Europe on the basis of Russian interference in presidential elections.

However, from cooperation with Moscow, the Belarusian leader to give up entirely is not going to. In particular, at a recent meeting with the Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Mikhail Mishustin in Minsk was again raised questions of the formation of the Union state and bilateral economic development.