In Belarus will not repeat presidential election, said the incumbent President of the country Alexander Lukashenko at the meeting with workers of the Minsk wheel tractor plant (MZKT), reports “Sputnik Belarus”. Mr Lukashenko has said it will not do it under pressure — that, in his opinion, will lead to the destruction of industrial enterprises of Belarus.”They (the elections — “b”) will not. Because there will be no factory or MAZ, BelAZ no, in six months we’ll destroy everything,” said Mr. Lukashenko. He asked the audience whether they want to hold fair elections. After the workers responded “Yes”, Mr. Lukashenko said that the elections will not be, “as long as you don’t kill me,” adds Read deleteservice booed the President, the crowd shouts “Shame!” “Go”, “Lukashenka — in a paddy wagon”. Video dissatisfied with the published Telegram-channel Nexta Live. The helicopter, which Mr. Lukashenka came to the factory, flew from the territory, the correspondent noticed it roughly in 10.57.9 of August in Belarus presidential elections were held, the CEC of the country’s declared the victory of mister Lukashenko with 80.1% of votes cast for him. Svetlana Tikhanovski, the opponent of Mr. Lukashenko and former presidential candidate, advocated the release of political prisoners and the holding of new elections. For it was made by striking workers MZKT, BelAZ, MAZ, Minsk tractor plant, the employees of the state of the BTRC. Mrs. Tikhanovski in the video, on 17 August confirmed its intention to provide a legal basis for the organization of new elections.About Lukashenka’s speech at the rally in his support in the material “Kommersant” “the losing winner”.