Addressing the members of the government, he noted that it is impossible to lose sight of the most important issues that affect the daily lives of people. “The election campaign will take place, the degree of political processes will be reduced, and the economy will be in the center of public attention”, – explained his position the Belarusian leader.

a Socially oriented policy, the center of which man, in his words, was and will remain a Central element in making any decisions. The head of state, he said, “carefully considered all statistical and operational data, the opinions and sentiments of the people” and was forced to admit that “dramatic results and success in this work have not yet seen”.

However, he said, in the whole country reached the minimum that was promised by the management. However, the President added, “the income of a significant part of the population is still below this level, and not from all the people we get positive evaluation of his work.”

Turning to the situation in the labor market, he made clear that the leadership of the country “failed to prevent the disaster of slipping into the pit of unemployment.” However, in his opinion, employment in the economy should be ensured “steady and effective work of enterprises, and not the fact that they sometimes artificially hold or contain people.”

some optimism is the leadership of the RB situation in the agrarian sector of the country. “In agriculture, a bumper crop. This has never happened in the history of Belarus”, – said the President. And this, he predicted, gives grounds to count on substantial revenues from exports. “The peasants are all to improve the economic situation of households”, he added.

Special attention was paid to it and the necessity of more active work with the population. “Everyone needs to go to people, to explain, to talk about their policies. Who does not want to, do not, do without you. But our work, all civil servants – to go to people and talk to them,” he said, adding that during the election campaign of the citizens already received a great number of initiatives and wishes.

“This powerful feedback channel economic services at all levels use in their daily work, – emphasized Lukashenko. – All the people said, the order I signed on the results of monitoring the mood of the people, must be perfectly executed”.