Belarussian President Alexander Lukashenko said that Belarus can not cancel the May 9 Victory day parade, despite the pandemic coronavirus COVID-19. He also welcomed the desire of the Russian deputies and senators to attend this event, but did not name who exactly is ready to come to Minsk.

He invoked the memory of the fallen in the great Patriotic war, which “was dying, maybe from a virus,” and said that “thousands and thousands” of Belarusians want the event took place.

the Belarusian leader stressed that “no one on this massive event is not necessary to drag”, especially war veterans, who “first requested to have them brought.”

Alexander Lukashenko said that some Russian MPs and senators have expressed a desire to attend a parade in Minsk. “We welcome this. Let them come. If you need to allocate for this purpose means of communication, we will provide. Our airport is open. Think the Russian leadership will agree on the flights who wish to visit us,” said the President of Belarus. We will remind, in Russia in this year’s Victory parade postponed due the threat of the spread of coronavirus.

Belarus remains one of the few countries in Europe where was not imposed mandatory restrictions due pandemic coronavirus. Alexander Lukashenko has repeatedly criticized introduced in other countries strict measures. However, more and more Belarusians doubt the correctness of this approach: as follows from published on 29 April poll, 65% of citizens would prefer more stringent measures to limit contacts. According to the latest data, in Belarus the number of cases of coronavirus has reached 15.8 thousand Died 97 people.