Lukashenko has called Easter a source of great joy and spiritual strength

With the Resurrection of Christ has congratulated the Belarusian President Orthodox Christians of the country, calling in his speech the upcoming April 18 Easter, “a source of great joy and spiritual strength of Orthodox Christians of Belarus who asserts the value of human life, strengthens faith in love and justice.”

Alexander Lukashenko noted that “the Orthodox tradition today are the moral Foundation of the Belarusian people, always ready to lend a helping hand to the needy regardless of religion and nationality. Because true faith is impossible without good deeds,” – said the head of state, the words of congratulation which leads his press service.

unfortunately, say local observers, the pandemic coronavirus for the first time in this century has made major adjustments in the great celebration. Belarusians in the upcoming big weekend, including Radunitsa (the day after Easter Church commemoration of the dead in the folk tradition of Eastern Slavs), better to stay home, advised the Minister of health Vladimir Karanik.

“We always assess risks in order to develop recommendations. Know the traditions of our citizens to visit elderly relatives together to remember those who are no longer with us. In this case, we would ask everyone to stay in the places of residence and to limit communication,” he said Karnik to the Blue-eyed inhabitants.

It is also recommended to spend the Easter days in the usual circle. “Take a walk in the fresh air, but please refrain from visiting our cousins in other regions, particularly the elderly who are at risk,” said the Minister.

by the Way, in the ten-Republic, said the health Ministry, as of Saturday already carried out in 25 laboratories around 93 thousand tests for coronavirus infection. In hospital treatment are 3282 people. Recovered and discharged on 458 patients. In relation 510 is clarifying the diagnosis. Died in RB 45 people with a number of chronic diseases, but identified coronavirus infection, the Agency says.