Lukashenko dismissed the economy in the state because of illness and pandemics

Regions of Belarus should not count on the state of the economy due to the spread of the coronavirus. This was stated by President Alexander Lukashenko during his working trip to the Gomel region, reported on its website.

“You don’t think we should, because of some psychosis or pandemics, epidemics to reduce production. It is possible. Nobody will give [financial support] is [will be the same, and] to bury the money”, — said Lukashenko to the head of the region Gennady Nightingale.

the President also advised to explore new markets. In response to the explanation of the Governor that all the economic problems of the industries of the region bound by the cessation of export supply because of border closures, Lukashenko promised to think about the support industries that will receive contracts for the time after the pandemic. “Negotiate, when restored all logistics and earn the neighbors”, — said the head of state.

Earlier, Lukashenko criticized the quarantine measures imposed in Europe. In response to who recommendations urgently to impose restrictions in the country, he said that the country’s leadership still intends to act accordingly.

the President of Belarus has repeatedly described the situation around the epidemic of psychosis and refused to quarantine for various reasons. Lukashenka emphasized that this can lead to a drop in the welfare of citizens, and stated that no one in the Republic had not died from coronavirus, and all who died with COVID-2019 had comorbidities.