Lukashenka postponed the address to nation and Parliament

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko has transferred the message to the people and Parliament, according to

The message that was to be held on April 16, was postponed until mid-may, said several Belarusian deputies.

“the Date we don’t know yet,” — said the press service of the house of representatives.

A source familiar with the situation added that the message is not removed from the agenda, but the number is not yet selected. Press Secretary of the Belarusian President Natalia Eismont did not answer the question about the reasons for the transfer.

In March was moved to the “Great conversation with the President” event with the participation of journalists, experts, members of the public. As stated Eismont, it was postponed not only because of the coronavirus, the decision was due to “superimposition of the most important political event in the schedule of the President.”

According to the latest data, in Belarus registered 7281 case of coronavirus. Per day “growth” amounted to 558 people. For the entire period from the beginning of the outbreak died, 58 patients. Lukashenko refuses to enter the country’s strict quarantine restrictions, explaining his decision to economic reasons.