The story does not move in the Ox, and not in a uniform rut. It’s more like the wild leaps of a horse, which is left after the days in the barn back to the pasture. His turns are unpredictable: Whether it is horse, to the rear or to the front of moves, whether it makes a sentence right or to the left, the remains quite unpredictable.

but anyone Who has stood long enough in the paddock, is just as surprised by the next movement, but he recognizes that the individual rashes repeat. The figures, incalculable, their succession, are similar.

such A Volte, you see over and over again, is the behavior of the Left when it comes to Europe. Many years ago, in a distant, ill-fated autumn should opt for the next decades over the fate of Switzerland.
6. In December 1992, the local voting population no rejected Switzerland’s accession to the European economy room with 50.3 percent of votes.

The result of touch was thin: For the People 24 were missing 000 votes, and although the States was, at first glance, significantly, only six cantons and two half-cantons, for the submission of voted, also prevented here only 63 000 votes the double Yes, those fixes in the cantons with the most scarce, and the were Zurich, Bern, Zug, Solothurn and Aargau.

The Left played the Europe enemies in the hands of

The consequences are well known. The nationalist rights in the following decades, the political discourse. Fired up by her Triumph, she rushed from electoral success to electoral success. The liberal center has been wiped out, the economy went up at the conclusion of the bilateral contracts in the cancer – and who was to blame? Who bears the responsibility for the ‘ no ‘ in the EEA referendum?

came To the aid of a forked Federal Council. Flavio Cotti and Otto Stich made no secret of its reservations against the EEA. The FDP, actually, pro-European, was still weidwund, shot by Kopp’s resignation, the descent of the Zurich lesser extent, the free and the poor outcome in the national elections held in the previous year.

But this would not have been enough for a no, if not a part of the Left to the enemies of the rights of Europe in the hands would be played. The supporter missed the vote, battle, only two weeks before the 6. December came, the Yes campaign something. Much too late – the postal votes were already cast.

The crucial decisions were, however, already been made in the previous months. On the SP-Congress in October in Geneva just issued a “critical Yes”. You don’t want to deepen the trenches, in the ranks, especially because the opponents were any of the backbenchers, but the Stars of the social democracy.

in Thun BE-born Lukas Bärfuss, one of the most successful writers in the country, since yesterday, 46 years of age. Works such as “a Hundred days” or “Koala” made him about Switzerland also known as of 2017, his novel “Hagard”. Bärfuss also works as a playwright and Dramaturg; he deals always polemic with his home (“The Switzerland of madness”) Since 2015 he is a member of the German Academy for language and seal. He lives in Zurich and Paris.

first and Foremost, Since’ Since’ with the nationalist Right, fought Andreas Gross, the EEA, the national Council, the sensational in the GSoA-vote three years earlier, 35.6 per cent of Switzerland Swiss people to unite behind.

Strahm put the explosives and fog petards

right behind it acted Rudolf Strahm, who led with his book “Europe-the decision” the best-selling lists and a country-wide celebrity, was against the Treaty. In the parliamentary deliberations in the national Assembly, he abstained from the vote and rank for the advice on the EUR-Lex-legislation-to-a Yes. But he did it contre cœur.

a few days before the 6. December, he put the explosives and fog petards. In a long Interview with the “Schweizer illustrierte” is not expressed, he fully understand the doubters and known to belong to those who Christoph Blocher vilified, because ultimately represent this, basically no abstruse economic theories – quite the contrary, as Strahm added.

Although it will appeal is with a heavy heart Yes, found Strahm mainly of arguments against the EEA. Would lose the poorly Educated, women, the environment, the less Mobile and it should be exactly these groups that explore these tilting for the future of Switzerland’s decisive vote to no.

For she was of the EEA, a capitalist, of men-dominated Monster that you had to by all means fight it. And also in the left-green circles, it was the national heavyweights, which made for a ” no ” strong: Verena Diener, Rosmarie Baer, Jo Lang, Cécile Bühlmann.

you all were probably on the pragmatism of the Swiss, and expected, in secret, with a Yes at the ballot box. You said that your Opposition make, and to be able to the Well-being of their own careers against the Welfare of the country to work. On the evening of 6. In December 1992, you had to be in for a rude awakening.

The SP-the Board term is much too late

As the only country in the Efta, the European free trade area, would Switzerland not join the EEA. The SP’s party Executive Board term late, too late. After a lousy campaign, the lukewarm, the “critical” Yeah, calling the party Executive, in a first press statement the decision “a catastrophe” and “extremely harmful” for Switzerland.

In a survey called for a majority of the population, a second vote, and some of the prominent Nay-Sayers tried to make a double somersault their fatal misjudgement forget. As the Green Andreas Gross defended against all the political realities for an immediate accession to the EU.

he had done the business, Right for a long time. As of now sailed the other forces in the political Wind. the It’s not the years, the relationship of ambivalence between the EU and Switzerland, an eternal give-and-take, a Tack that could take care of a large part political power ate and prevented the country is prone to other, future, topics followed.

is known for a this story? From the UK maybe?

the current head of the Labour Party, Jeremy Corbyn agreed, in 1975, against the accession to the European Union. In 2008, he was against the signing of the Treaty of Lisbon, and three years later, he even supported an Initiative from the conservative side, on the Brexit in a Referendum.

And in 2015, while the Greek crisis, summoned the well-known Fears of a diabolical Brussels with his notorious anti-Semitic illusions: There is no future for a usurious Europe, the ferrule, the small Nations in a debt bondage.

The cross on the Left with Europe,

And to him it was more about the political profiling of as to the welfare of the country. And how in that distant December night in Switzerland, and they rubbed in the UK the day after the 23. June 2016, incredulous eyes. The result of split in a similar just as with the EEA, the mess, the country, the extremists have triumphed, and laughed about the left-hand helpers helpers his sleeve.

In France, the polemic of Jean-Luc Mélenchon, with his Alliance of “La France insoumise” on the line of the extreme Right and hitting himself in his nationalist and anti-German posturing with Marine Le Pen from the National Front.

He finds a lot of support in intellectual circles, writers such as Didier Eribon, or Edouard Louis, the dream of a Revolution, the government want to overthrow, to violence as a political means does not, in principle, reject and against Brussels oppose. It is to be feared that they, too, will experience one day in for a rude awakening.

The EU has brought the continent peace and prosperity. It is not perfect. Like any political project must develop, democratic and social. A part of the social Democrats don’t want to see. In this country the trade Union Left again to the assistant, Right.

The white-namely, now that the horse is exhausted in the pasture at some point with his antics. Then you may kill him the reins, and you can attach it effortlessly to the dishes, tired and well-behaved the right cart and no longer be distinguished from an ox.