Christian eriksen’s team-mate Romelu Lukaku criticises Serie A for reacting too late on the outbreak of the coronavirus.

Italy is the country in Europe that is hit the hardest, but the Italian Serie A closed first down, after Juventus-the player Daniele Rugani was tested positive for the virus.

It takes Lukaku is to put health in the second row, writes the Daily Mail.

Lukaku tells of a livestream on the Pumas Instagram, which is also where the French Thierry Henry was, that he seems, Series A grip too late check.

“your Health comes first. Why should we play when there are people who pay with their lives?,” he says, and continues:

“Why was it necessary, that a player was tested positive before the league stopped?”

He also says that he misses playing football, but there are far more important things at stake right now.

“I admit that I miss playing football, but the most important thing is people’s health. Everything else comes in second.”

Italy is on all of the parameters of the country in Europe worst affected by the coronavirussen.

115.242 are infected, while they have the highest mortality rate with 13.915 people died with the infection.

Both Blaise Matuidi and Paolo Dybala from Juventus have confirmed that they have been infected.

The same has AC Milan legend Paolo Maldini and his son, Daniel Maldini.