In the case of Lufthansa, the majority of the fleet remains longer on the ground than previously planned. It had commanded before, that until the 19th century. April a hold-back-the flight plan is valid, to get (mainly) Germans living abroad to return home, the emergency operation and now no longer exist. At least until the 3. May, as Lufthansa announced on Thursday in Frankfurt. Reason, the remaining travel restrictions in the Wake of the Corona-crisis.

Lufthansa cancels flights up to 3. May

The result is that All the existing flights to the original flight plan between the 25. April and 3. May be deleted. Flights available up to 24. April were planned, have already been cancelled at an earlier date. Affected passengers will receive in the coming days, a notice from Lufthansa.

Up to 3. May Lufthansa provides only basic care. In addition to 18 weekly long-haul cross in Frankfurt and Munich are the hang of it yet, around 50 daily Links to the most important cities in Germany and Europe possible.

inter-continental flying, Lufthansa is currently only three times a week to Newark (New York), and Chicago (both US), Montreal (Canada), Sao Paulo (Brazil), Bangkok (Thailand) and Tokyo (Japan). The flights to Johannesburg (South Africa), is the minimum required due to regulatory requirements up to 16. April fail.

What happens to my Lufthansa Ticket?

passengers whose flights have been cancelled or are unable to perform their flight, they can demand the money back or to your existing booking, without a new flight date. Ticket and the ticket value will remain the same and in a voucher for a new booking with a departure date up to and including 30. April 2021 convert. Customers who choose a new travel date up to the end of 2020, obtain in addition to each transfer 50 Euro discount.

The idea behind this approach is: Lufthansa is trying to keep money in their own coffers. Because currently make the consumer hardly any new bookings. The prospect of vouchers to protect bookings made prior to a cancellation. In purely legal terms, the possibility of the money for of Lufthansa flights cancelled completely reclaim but.

Swiss and Eurowings fly much less

for More Airlines in the Lufthansa Group (if at all) only in emergency mode active. During the flight operations at Austrian Airlines, more complete rest, flies to Swiss range only in selected European cities, and Zurich and Geneva in addition to only three times per week to Newark (USA).

Also, Euro wings is only on the Basis of a basic supply. From Germany eurowings lift-Jets only at the airports in Düsseldorf, Hamburg, Cologne/Bonn and Stuttgart. Compared to original plans, only about 10 percent of the capacity will be supported.

In the center of the Eurowings base bid, the Düsseldorf airport is. From here it is possible to fly up to nine times a week to Hamburg and Berlin. Up to six times a week, it goes to Vienna, Zurich and London as well as in each case up to twice a week to Palma de Mallorca, Barcelona, Rome, Milan, Lisbon, and Thessaloniki.

From Hamburg and Cologne/Bonn are only intra-German Connections in the offer, from Stuttgart, flyer stand, not only to Hamburg and Berlin, but also up to twice a week to Zagreb.

Frankfurt airport is closes the whole Terminal

Drastic measures in the meantime the Frankfurt airport. Due to the low passenger volumes as a result of the corona crisis, the airport have decided to focus the entire clearance processes at the airport to the Terminal 1.

From the 7. April is no longer used only in the area of E-operated Terminal 2 until further notice for the passenger handling. Also the car Park at Terminal 2 is for passengers temporarily available.

Frankfurt airport Inside mobile phone

as of the 7. April all Check to be bundled-in processes in the Terminal 1 hall B. Passengers can reach from here, after security control in the operated areas at gates A and B.

Usually, only machines of Lufthansa and the Partner Airlines of the Star Alliance stand there. The Frankfurt airport anticipates that, after the expiry of the return flights, only 5 percent of the planned volume comes to handling.

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