Good leaves. [The name of the fight against terrorism, democracies have, since the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, is singularly restricted to the fields of civil liberties. The technical revolution of the intelligence, launched in France in 2007 with large means, was built in the shelter of the secret-defence : this vast system of surveillance, which goes beyond today the fight against terrorism, has become the first pillar of the defence of the country. In clandestinity, and even illegality, for nearly ten years.]

information illegal

France has so long lived in a deep denial about the true domestic intelligence. Jean-Jacques Urvoas, in December 2014, then-president of the DPR [the parliamentary delegation to intelligence], writes thus, in his annual report : “In the current state of the law, the services are very poor. They can only use security interceptions, with the requisition of technical data connection as well as the restricted use file. All the other means usable are stricken with illegality. The situation is confined here to the hypocrisy in the light of the responsibilities of these authorities. It furthermore induces a danger of the officials who work in the service of the nation. “

While Jean-Jacques Urvoas informs the Parliament on this opening, the intelligence services, the French are, indeed, essentially outside the law. How many acts of investigations carried out by the RG [general intelligence], DST [directorate of territorial surveillance], and then the DCRI [central directorate of domestic intelligence] or the CSB [the directorate general of internal security], up to the act of 2015, would have then been able to lead their authors in front of an investigative judge ? “It is incalculable, since it was the daily life of these agents,” confirms a former deputy chief…