This season has been weaker than the previous, says solforsker Pål Brekke at the Norwegian space centre the Norwegian broadcasting corporation NRK.

It is the sun that controls the amount, strength and duration of the nordlysutbruddene we see in the sky. The work in so-called cycles, and a solsyklus goods in eleven years.

Now is the sun in a period of fewer solar flares and eruptions, which one is depending on for the most powerful nordlysene.

Pål Brekke says the lights come back fully in a few years.

Photo: Norwegian space centre

NRK has earlier told about a discovery of a brand new northern lights. And reiselivsnæringa cheered as the lights suddenly danced across the sky in the game Fortnite.

there is Little evidence that himmelfenomenet will be less sought after in the years to come despite the fact that we now, according to the researchers, can wait us any less impressive nordlyssesonger.

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In Norway, the waves belt along the coast of northern Nordland, Troms and Finnmark, where we can see northern lights almost every single starlit night in the winter.

Tommy Johansen is frilansfotograf in the Lofoten islands.

Photo: Private

In the Oslo area, one can observe the northern lights a couple of times a year, while as far south as Berlin only appears once a year. In Rome only once every 100 years.

But the northern lights like we saw around 2014 and 2015, we have not seen in years in Norway. I have heard talk of one and other outbreaks, but they have been short-lived. The eruptions before the cycle turned was very powerful and lasted often throughout the night, ” says Tommy Johansen.

He lives at Ramberg in the Lofoten nordlysmatfat, and has photographed natural phenomenon in several years.

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– It is a bit pity that we are at a low now, but so is nature. It is not something to do with it. But we are not done utlærte on what happens in the sky. A lot can happen that we have not foreseen.

Johansen tells us that one could set the clock after nordlysutbruddene, but that it has not been the case in a few years.

We who live here in the north are used to it, and will probably continue to take it a little for granted. But it is clear, is it a major change in the pattern, one must stretch a little farther to catch it, ” says frilansfotografen.

Jim got chills on the back of his own northern lights-image “Solar minimum”

It is the Sun which makes the northern lights, through to send large electrical discharges towards Earth. And, according to Brekke, follow our nearest star an 11-year-long aktivitetssyklus.

When the activity is at maximum will occur which is called the “Solar maximum”, with a number of sunspots and outbreaks in the form of solar flares as a result. This affects the predictive enough the northern lights, which has a corresponding increase in activity.

the Previous max was in 2013, and now we are around the point scientists call the “Solar minimum”.

Tommy Johansen caught nordlyser over Reine in the Lofoten islands.

Photo: Tommy Johansen Believe the northern lights are even more exclusive

– We expect that also the next few seasons are a bit weaker than in the past. About three-four years will the activity pick up again for a period of time with lots of, lots of northern lights. We will have a lot of pleasure of the northern lights forward in time.

the Researcher says northern lights is now moving forward will be even more exclusive. Brekke think it will be even more exciting to hunt for the phenomenon.

– It will not be so certain that you will see it every night. It is like when fishing salmon. it is very exciting for each roll. It’s not deleted surely you get a bite, ” says Pål Brekke.