“Hard but fair” moderator Louis Klamroth concealed his love for climate activist Luisa Neubauer from WDR. Only after the announcement did the 33-year-old inform his bosses. The relationship is now being discussed at a meeting of the WDR Broadcasting Council.

The WDR Broadcasting Council meets on Tuesday for a meeting. The topic: The relationship between “Hard but fair” moderator Louis Klamroth and climate activist Luisa Neubauer. Bone of contention: Before Klamroth’s commitment as a moderator was announced, he concealed his love from those responsible.

As reported by the “Bild” newspaper, Klamroth became an issue at the meeting because he may have violated the broadcaster’s compliance rules. Because it stipulates that employees must clearly separate their professional and private lives. A talk show host who also deals with the topic of climate in his program and at the same time is in a relationship with an activist – that can be a conflict of interest.

This Monday evening (9 p.m.) Klamroth will be broadcasting on the subject of climate for the first time. The topic: “Last descent: How does the climate crisis change everyday life?” Luisa Neubauer is not there. The moderator had already ruled this out.

Note d. Red.: “In an older version, we wrote that Klamroth only informed WDR about his relationship after the contract had been signed. That is not correct, rather he only informed the WDR after the announcement of the cooperation.