“Health for me is finding a balance between a healthy diet, low stress, enough sleep and movement every day. There are many who believe that health is primarily about getting healthy diet. But it is only a single piece in it to be healthy. Sleep is very important. It is the level of stress also, as a high levels of stress prevents good sleep. So the health is for me to be able to get food, movement, family life, social life and mental health to go up in a higher unity.”

“I are generally very active in my everyday life, so I keep myself in shape by not to sit very much down. Unfortunately I can not reach to the strength and cardio training as much as I would like, which may seem paradoxical when I spend my entire working day in a gym. In return can I have weekenddage, where I reach 20,000 steps, because I’m moving in me with my children.”

“It is mainly the lack of time – especially in relation to work out. On madfronten I’m good to do quick trade-offs, where I still get plenty of green.”

“When I read to a dietician, there was of course much focus on the vitamins, minerals, and what was healthy to eat. As I had children, changed my relationship with food also. It is important for me to be a good role model for my children, and the health is also about balance and mental health, so therefore we also, of course, pålægschokolade and chocolate biscuits in the cupboard.”

“so do I, when solitaire game goes up. When I get trained three times a week, when the sleep is in place, and when I’ve got three good and healthy meals during the day. Where I have had the time to make a delicious omelette with vegetables in the morning and sit down and eat it, so it’s not just a sandwich on the way out the door.”

“My best start of the day is when I have gone to bed early, so I wake before the alarm rings. It is to have sent my children well of the place, and that we all have a good breakfast in the stomach – omelet, something green and a bun or bread. And then I get always drinking two glasses of water or tea while I run around and make children ready for departure.”

“Move! And get a handle on the diet. And get a proper program from an experienced personal trainer.”

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