: a place of longing, a sense of life and the dream factory of the world. Every year, about 600 movies and TV series to be shot in the big Studios in the Hollywood district. Many of them play directly in front of the door and make Malibu, Rodeo Drive, or the Pier of Santa Monica to the icons. No wonder that every year about 7 million foreign visitors to L. jetten A. to see the filming live and hope, finally a Hollywood Star face.

glitz and Glamour

Yes, Los Angeles is glitz and Glamour. But it is also true: The 4-million-metropolis is not a beauty. On The Contrary. La La Land, as the city is also called, is an ugly Monster that has eaten its way into the Californian level: too big, too loud, too clogged. You should not go after Hollywood, Santa Monica and co.? But not necessarily – but you should bring a little endurance. The appeal of the mega-city reveals itself only on the third glance.

The first two days pass as in flight. Then rattles the Musts: Walk of Fame, Hollywood Boulevard, Rodeo Drive, Venice Beach – and is loving it. Soon, however, a bitter aftertaste creeps up in the euphoria. Then, the number of homeless people to fall, then it is seen that the dimensions for cars and not for people are made of, then you tired to put in the hours in a traffic jam. Who rushes to this point, by holding and not to other Highlights in California, discovered the true charm of the city and districts by surprise, otherwise, probably on the left.

The Downtown district is something of a Surprise. Where the only skyscraper in the city, has a decades worthy of long-only money. Meanwhile, creative minds of boutiques, galleries and cafes have come to life: Downtown L. A. is turning into a promenade of the city. Fittingly, the artists organization, “Downtown Los Angeles Art Walk” every second Thursday of the month an art festival where artists open their studios for visitors and galleries of Events – a good opportunity, with the contact joyful “Angelenos” to come into the conversation.

And who knows, maybe it has a Hollywood Starlet managed to an art opening (at the grape Paparazzi in front of the entrance) and cheers to a Cocktail. In L. A., anything is possible. At any time. And this makes the city a very special place. Good Luck!

6 facts about Los Angels: Knowledge for poser 13 million inhabitants live in the Metropolitan area of Los Angeles – the second of the USA’s largest. In the actual city area of 3.8 million.In the year 1781, the Pobladores (44 immigrants from Mexico) founded the city of “El Pueblo de Nuestra Señora la Reina de los Ángeles” – is The village of our lady, Queen of the angels. The “Los Angeles Pueblo Plaza” in Downtown marks the site of the establishment. 1876 Los Angeles was connected to the big world:The railway line reached the town. “In Old California” was the first movie that was filmed in 1910 in what was then the sleepy Hollywood.The Nestor Film Companywar the first production company established in Hollywood, a film Studio (1911). Soon Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, 20th Century Fox, Walt Disney and co. 124 million US Dollarhat actor Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson followed earned, according to “Forbes” in the year 2017/2018, through films such as “Jumanji”. Record! Travel tips in Los Angeles, Food Sawtelle Japantown On the way from Hollywood to Santa Monica beach you will pass by some of the Sawtelle Japantown. Absolutely, stop in! The Japanese headquarters just four Blocks large, here there are the most amazing Ramen Restaurants. The best noodle soup there with “Tatsu Ramen” on Sawtelle Boulevard. tatsuramen.com the Firestone Walker Brewing Company Just a stone’s throw from Venice Beach, the Craft brewery, Firestone Walker is located. In the house, “The Propagator Restaurant”, there are Hearty beer (not necessarily a “Line” to order with different varieties). The focus is on burgers and co., but also Tacos and Pizza. firestonebeer.com

Los Angeles – sun, palm trees, Stars. And good food! The multi-cultural LA is a Paradise for Foodies, and you do not need to spend a lot of money. VIEW introduces six delicious Food Spots.

cultural Academy Museum of Motion Pictures is busy work, but by the middle of 2019 should finally open the gates: Los Angeles gets a new film Museum. “The Academy Museum of Motion Pictures” should be making the most comprehensive Museum on the history and practice of film. In the buildings of the star architect Renzo Piano will be in addition to an exhibition, Workshops and a cinema. academymuseum.org the Greek Theatre is Largely unknown among visitors to the Greek theatre in Griffith Park, Hollywood. The open-air Location offers space for nearly 6000 visitors. On the stage of concerts from classical to Techno, mainly. A visit to a concert, you can connect by the way, good for a stroll to the Griffith Observatory, which is located above the theatre. lagreektheatre.com experience In the train wine tasting Rarely is on the To-do list when visiting L. A. the main train station “Union Station”. The construction from the 30s is like the outside and the inside of a Spanish colonial Church – a Must for architecture fans. Every second Sunday of the month will be offered guided tours. You should not miss the regular Events (such as music, dance or wine-tasting).unionstationla.com the to be In a TV show In Hollywood be rotated only movies but also many TV shows are produced. The Good: a Lot of Shows need a Live audience. The Best: to get Tickets, is not so difficult. A hit currently, the Late Show, “Jimmy Kimmel live” with daily A-list celebrities as guests. Free Tickets are available here: abc.go.com/Shows/jimmy-kimmel-live Selfie Spots, Hollywood Sign is THE photo of L. A. of course, the Hollywood sign. To find a Selfie Spot in which you and the masses are true taken characters equally well, but it wasn’t as easy. At best this goes in the “Lake Hollywood Park”. The Canyon Lake Drive drive, car Park and search by foot to its ideal Spot. a Griffith Observatory , at the Latest, since the Musical tearjerker “La La Land” is the view from the star world waiting to be known. There is hardly a more beautiful Spot to survey L. A. At sunset it is, of course, is not alone, the Glitter of the big city to skin a yet. Before you can visit the Observatory, a variety of Shows on star world. Shopping The Last Bookshop is The Name of the book store “The Last Bookshop”, the store’s last book, is a harbinger of the times, when the online giant Amazon, book shops and has eaten. Still, there is this iconic Shop in a Loft in Downtown. A Feast for book lovers! lastbookstorela.com the Blue Planet Venice Beach, Hollywood, Santa Monica: The fascination has to do with the feeling of life under the eternal sun. The clothes Store “Blue Planet” has just the right dress, Jeans or Bikinis, Vintage Summer Feel to the Look. Several branches, the most beautiful is located in Santa Monica. Guys: unfortunately, only for girls!shopplanetblue.com go Out The Abbey Food and Bar To “The Abbey” in West Hollywood, you go for the food, but most importantly, to see and be seen. The Abbey is one of the most famous Gay Bars in the world. On holidays and in the evening, the Party, including the male pole dancer here. Many Hollywood Stars of both sexes stop by here on a regular basis. So, use your eyes!theabbeyweho.com the Avalon: Dance with history Where to go to Dance? The selection is of course huge. If you like historic Locations, you should look at the Avalon, Hollywood, over. The Club is located in a Theater from the 20s, in the main sizes of the Jazz Area have played. Elegant wear! With the baggy look, you can’t get past the bouncers. avalonhollywood.com Stay

The choice of a hotel is not easy: Los Angeles is so large that the paths to the attractions. A compromise is Downtown, which is reasonably Central. Cool, the Ace Hotel in a historic building with a Rooftop Bar and Pool. acehotel.com

Practical tips

The dimensions of L. A. are huge and the public TRANSPORT is poor. Therefore, Uber-Taxis, which you always have to wait just a few minutes. Are needed to the Uber App (available in all App Stores) and a credit card.

Swiss citizens need a valid passport and must show proof prior to entry of the electronic travel authorization ESTA. This must be a few days before the flight, and printed obtained. Tip: Take in the Los Angeles airport, the entry slot. This saves annoying questions by border officials. More info: https://esta.cbp.dhs.gov/esta/

The Swiss is flying several times a week from Zurich to Los Angeles. swiss.com