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the discussion of the improvement projects, and surveys of local residents about which parks, gardens or other areas more in need of improvement, have been held for several years. However, until now they were organized, mostly in offline mode. The recommendations of the Ministry by the end of 2018, it was stated that the procedure of preferential voting “is a traditional”: either a passport, a member receives the newsletter and notes any items.

Now, as stated in the explanatory note to the document, it is proposed that you choose and areas for improvement residents will be “prioritized” using a “single digital platform to involve citizens in the decision of questions of creation of comfortable urban environment”. This, according to developers of the document will increase the number of participants voting. For the purposes of the national project “Housing and the urban environment” growth – by 2024 the percentage of citizens participating in the decision of questions of development of the urban environment, to 30%.

it is Expected to empower residents to participate in shaping the urban environment, the head of the Bureau Noor Architects Mikhail Belyakov. “The procedure of public hearings on the selection of the subject improvement has a long history but takes place in person, not always at a convenient time, for example, for working people, not all can come there for health reasons. Transition to digital mode for residents means in the first place, the possibility in a more convenient format to get feedback, quickly hold such hearings and make decisions. The discussion will involve new audience, including young people,” – said Belyakov.

Digital platforms must work by analogy with the Moscow portal “Active citizen”, Moscow “Dobrodel”, etc. Earlier, the press service of the Ministry of construction reported that to the opinions of the residents of the older generation is less active on the Internet will be created at call centers.

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