Lonzo Ball’s career in the NBA is about to take a sad turn. The Chicago Bulls’ point guard has been out for a long time and there is no prospect of a return. The sad thing is that Ball and various doctors don’t know what the problem is.

Lonzo Ball experienced a lot of hype when it started in the NBA. And while he remains highly valued in the NBA, constant injuries have repeatedly prevented him from reaching an even higher level.

Ball possesses outstanding skills that allow him to be very effective in all areas of the game, but the aforementioned injuries have consistently put a damper on the older Ball brother’s promising career.

Ahead of the current season, the Chicago Bulls had hoped Ball would be available again after undergoing surgery last season. But the 25-year-old point guard had to undergo a second operation on his knee after he could no longer walk, jump and even climb stairs.

Halfway through the season, things are still looking bleak for the point guard. Ball hopes to play again this season, but there’s still no timeline for his comeback.

The whole injury is very strange. Neither the Chicago Bulls, Ball, nor the media know why Lonzo still has knee pain despite the point guard seeing at least six different doctors.

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