you should have passed in the years 2014 and 2015, a total of 120 kilograms of elongated cocaine from the Netherlands to Switzerland. The defenders of the two defendants requested before the Federal criminal court in Bellinzona, a strong reduction of the required penalties.

In his plea, the Prosecutor of the Confederation was, once again, the wiretapped phone conversations to reminisce, which had led the accused with the cure in the period between November 2014 and July 2015.

The Prosecutor also showed again, every single delivery from the Netherlands. Those, said the 46-year-old Nigerian, to be not involved in it.

The elder of the brothers gave at his interview to be the first since the end of March to end of July 2015 involved in smuggling have been and not since November 2014, as it is called in the indictment the office of the attorney General (BA). Equal to the state’s attorney prior to the 36-year-old accused, who has confessed to 16 of the 17 his alleged deliveries.

the assessment of the criminal dimension of the state reminded the lawyer of the Federal government to the large amount of cocaine, which had been imported into Switzerland. The cocaine had a high degree of purity. In addition, the brothers were part of a well-established Organisation have been imported every week several kilograms of cocaine and in Switzerland and Depots, as well as a sales organization. Codes and Takeovers would have allowed for the identification of customers.

The defenders relative to the Severity of the alleged offences. The lawyer of the 46-Year-old said that his client had between 4000 and 5000 Euros for his contribution to the infringement. The defendant in his home to debt, have exercised and, therefore, the creditors ‘ pressure on the family.

The lawyer pointed out the subordinate role of its clients and the short tort duration. He also pointed out that the accused never have heard a gram of cocaine.

With a provocation of the defenders of the younger Nigerian started his plea. He stated that to have been the beginning of the elaborate and expensive criminal investigation of the enthusiasm great. It had been believed to catch the big bosses. Years later, were finally gone, only the little fish into the net.

Like his colleague, the lawyer explained that his client had come from a poor family in a well-lubricated organization. The lawyer tried to downplay the role of his client. This had no decision-making powers and not known, what quantities would be supplied. The Prosecutor requested a prison sentence of four years for complicity.

The judgment opening will take place on 23. The end of may.