Ken Schneider * has been suffering from health problems since his corona vaccination. At first, the doctors didn’t take him seriously – now one even apologized to him. FOCUS Online spoke to him about how he is doing today.

We spoke to Ken Schneider * (36) for the first time in March, who believes he was damaged by the Moderna corona vaccination. How is he now?

FOCUS Online: A few weeks ago you reported here about your health problems for which you blame the vaccination: weakness, dizziness, swollen lymph nodes, high heart rate and shortness of breath. Tests revealed that they had heart muscle inflammation. Vaccination was definitely an issue for your family doctor as a possible trigger, but the specialists you consulted tended to brush it off. How are you now?

Ken Schneider: The heat has made the symptoms worse. My pulse often shoots up with the slightest exertion, despite the beta blockers and blood thinners I’m on. I then have a very unpleasant tugging in my heart. For me it’s logical: it has to work harder when it’s warm.

During our last conversation you talked about a neurologist who didn’t take your symptoms seriously. I repeat: I give you warm advice… don’t blame everything on vaccination…

Schneider: … and that wasn’t all. “I’d like to send you for an MRI of the head,” he said. He would suspect something “psychic” about me.

According to the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), more than 148.7 million vaccinations against corona were carried out in Germany by the end of December 2021 with the various vaccines approved to date. In 244,576 cases, doctors reported a suspicion of a possible side effect. This corresponds to a total reporting rate of 1.64 reports per 1000 vaccine doses, for serious reactions there were 0.20 suspected reports per 1000 vaccine doses. However, some scientists consider this number to be too low due to a lack of reports. How many people are actually affected has not yet been finally clarified. However, the following applies: The corona vaccines are considered safe and only cause serious side effects in very rare cases.

Did you do the investigation?

Schneider: Yes, but maybe I should first tell you about my visit to a cardiologist, that was three weeks earlier. She did an ultrasound of my heart and I was wondering why it was taking so long. “I couldn’t see anything,” the doctor finally said. And then, in the same breath: I should take it easy, take it easy, take it easy. I beg your pardon? If a doctor doesn’t find anything, she doesn’t have to say so!

It’s clear to me: she saw something. Otherwise she would certainly not have sent me to a radiological practice for further clarification. A so-called myocardial scintigraphy was performed here. An examination for which radioactive liquid is injected into the veins. This allows doctors to see how the heart is working. Once at rest and then under load. For the latter, I sat on an ergometer. After three minutes I had a 170 pulse. My heart was racing.

Is the value worrying?

Schneider: The radiologist who accompanied the examination didn’t think so. A rule of thumb is a heart rate of 200 minus age. That’s normal under stress. The fact is: I used to ride my bike for two to three hours a lot. If my pulse went over 100, that was a lot. My impression: That was playing down again. The conversation that followed was very similar.

I assume your report has been discussed. What’s that?

Schneider: The doctor said: everything is fine. Your heart is pumping well. However, the computer on the back wall would have “moaned” a bit. I pricked up my ears: what did that mean? There was talk of scarring, however: “From my experience, I would say that is not relevant.”

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Was the vaccination an issue?

Schneider: Good question – here it comes. Why are you actually here, the doctor wanted to know. I told my tale of woe, the whole story in a nutshell. Then she: I’ve never heard that the corona vaccination should cause side effects. I was the first patient who would comment in this direction.

How did you react?

Schneider: I have to admit, the whole thing sounds almost funny in hindsight. If only it weren’t so sad… Don’t all the doctors have a TV? I asked. Then she: Why? Me again: Well, the topic was big in the media. I said that I am currently taking part in a large survey at the Charité, for which I still fill out extensive questionnaires every four to six weeks.

I reported on the 30,000 to 40,000 victims of vaccinations that were mentioned at the time. In the meantime, the Charité has distanced itself from the survey, among other things, multiple answers were possible, which could result in a distorted picture. No matter how high the number is in the end: there are people like me, we are not fakes!

And now tell me about the neurologist we spoke about at the beginning. The one who sent you for an MRI to rule out “something mental.” What was the result?

Schneider: First of all: I was surprised that none of the radiologists spoke to me after the examination. My doctor would do it all, they said, and that’s how it was, two weeks later. The conversation with the neurologist started very strangely…

Was it about the psyche again?

Schneider: No, the doctor’s voice was suddenly soft and understanding. I’m sorry about how I treated you last time, he said. He would have familiarized himself with the subject in the meantime… I had a suspicion that nothing good was coming.

Were you correct?

Schneider: Unfortunately yes. The doctor asked whether someone had already spoken to me. No, he was the first. I then found out about more scarring. The vaccinations must have caused clots to form in me, which on the one hand migrated to the heart and on the other hand ensured that nerve tracts leading away from the brain were destroyed.

You have to imagine the brain as a control cabinet that is connected with cables, said the neurologist. And that the cables are the nerve cords. There are scars everywhere now. A condition that cannot be undone.

Do the scars explain your discomfort?

Schneider: The neurologist sees it that way, yes. The injuries would also explain why I passed out several times. In fact, I learned that there can be similar MRI images in MS. However: I would be missing both the blood values ​​and the typical symptoms of MS.

To rule it out, a cerebrospinal fluid sample is to be taken soon. As I said: The doctor does not assume that there is anything here. He meant literally: We have to pull the tooth out of the pension office to somehow pull the whole thing out.

Why was he suddenly talking about the pension office?

Schneider: In this matter he was very clear: You will never be able to work again, he said. Means: Within a few minutes I became an early retiree in this consulting room. A few weeks earlier the same doctor had taken me for a fake. The cardiologist I went to to discuss myocardial scintigraphy results continues to do so, by the way.

She found the scarring of the posterior wall of the heart “not so bad”, you don’t have to do anything acutely. I got a new appointment, April 6, 2023 at 9 am. “Then we’ll see if we can continue to work.”

You probably don’t need to go there anymore.

Schneider: Of course not. My next trip, once MS is ruled out, is to office. The neurologist was straight forward and said: You have to apply for a severely handicapped pass. To be honest, it’s hard for me to pronounce.

Before my corona vaccination, I did weight training and rode a mountain bike. Now I spend most of the day in bed. A letter from the pension insurance recently came, it said what I can expect in the event of disability: a good €1,200 gross per month. I bought a house, that’s all I need to say. It’s not just the doctors who let you down, but also the supply points. And those who could possibly take countermeasures are now taking part in the small talk.

Who do you mean?

Schneider: Well, our Federal Minister of Health. On August 14, 2021, Karl Lauterbach tweeted about a “vaccination without side effects”. He’s backtracked a bit now. Vaccination side effects are very rare, he said a few days ago. It happens that people cannot concentrate as well as before, similar to Post Covid.

However, much rarer and also less difficult … For me, that’s another slap in the face. Karl Lauterbach of all people! One of which I had previously thought: he takes Corona and all its medical side effects seriously.

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*Name known to editors