Living near Venice Siberian told about anti-virus in Italy

“Many could not understand that this is serious: went to bars, met up with friends. The danger of the situation realized only then, when they began to die the neighbors, and the death toll across the country to grow exponentially. So I encourage all my friends both in Russia and in other countries believe that the threat is real, and try to do anything to save themselves, their families and all around,” says our compatriot.

at First, Victoria did not follow the recommendations, I went to a cafe to drink a Cup of coffee. “Quarantine in Italy introduced in late February, but bars and restaurants were still working, but only up to 18 hours. So many have visited them in the morning and in the afternoon. Travel on the streets still are not rigidly controlled. There was only the recommendation not to leave home unnecessarily, not to approach each other closer than a meter, wash your hands,” she said.

Photo: Roberto Monaldo/LaPresse via AP the inhabitants of the Italian Ferrara discovered immunity to coronavirus

the Italians with their Mediterranean temperament is simply not in forces was to stay home, they continued to chat, hug when meeting, to visit public places. The elderly, for which a new virus is especially dangerous, can be found in bars and on the streets.

9 March introduced strict quarantine across the country – says the Siberian. – From that day to go out only for groceries, to the drugstore and work. True, at first an exception was made for runners and for dog owners they were allowed Jogging and Hiking. And then suddenly all of a sudden became an avid sports fans or have got dogs. As a result, the streets became even busier than usual. Even octogenariane grandfather came out in tracksuits in order to close the circle of their peers to discuss the news. So walking and Jogging are also banned.

Many, according to Victoria, at first, waved, said “nonsense, it’s no worse than flu”, and even laughed at those who followed the recommendations. Now all sit at home and once again try not to go out.

a Trip to the store turns into a real operation, she says. – More houses need to fill in a document stating the purpose of their travel on the street and the exact route. If you stopped by and you find that you are not where stated, you will be fined for the sum from 300 to 4000 euros. In the supermarket I will wear a mask and disposable gloves and try to score the products at once for a week or two.

In Italy to extend the quarantine until April 17

due to the lack of masks a sew them yourself from Marley. Some share know-how on the Internet: gauze folded in several layers, so that the middle was still possible to insert a special disposable liner. As the Italians use ear baby wipes. “Such masks are good because unlike disposable they can be used many times. After going to the store or the pharmacy sack-cloth should be discarded and gauze mask can be boiled and steam iron,” advises Siberian.

In a small Russian-Italian family of Victoria every day, goes out only with her husband Nicola, who still goes to work. Most difficult, she said, to keep the house step-son, boy – he always tries to get out to meet friends.

– there was a time when we completely lost track of time, confuse day with night, walking in pajamas, – says Victoria. – Now everyone understands that you need to stick to a certain routine and to find something to distract and soothe. One of my friends signed up for online courses and webinars, someone mastering the art of cooking and surprising family culinary delights. But I’m beginning a massive clean-up in the house. Such monotonous work allows for at least some time to switch and not to get depressed.

Photo: Carlo BRESSAN / AFP the Number of people infected with coronavirus in Italy exceeded 100 thousand people

the Number of victims of coronavirus in Italy, according to Victoria, is off the charts because there are a lot of elderly people who, even in the 70-80 active enough.

– of Course, played a role that at first the people did not follow the recommendations, many defied a quarantine, she said. – We in the North of Italy good medicine, but hospitals simply could not physically cope with such a large number of cases. When it was announced that the neighbouring Lombardy urgently need 300 doctors from all over Italy and even from abroad responded to the 3500 professionals. Major car companies have started to print the parts for the ventilator, the famous fashion house sew the mask – such a cohesion and unity against a common trouble I see here for the first time.

Accently underestimated…

“Guys, it’s not the flu. Take care of yourself and family, reduce contacts, sitting at home, wash your hands, take in the shops disposable gloves. Sew the mask itself is not protect, but will allow not to touch your face with your hands. Believe me, it never made-up to panic and completely not funny. Threat cannot be underestimated. We underestimated – lost time and people,” asks us Victoria from Veneto, Italy.