The interview with Real Madrid star Toni Kroos after winning the Champions League final against Liverpool dominates the media. Now the former Bayern star Markus Babbel is also commenting on this.

Support: Former national player Markus Babbel showed understanding for “Blick Kick” for Toni Kroos’ interview answers after the 1-0 victory in the Champions League final against Liverpool. The 32-year-old midfield star answered questions from ZDF reporter Nils Kaben after the game, but lost patience.

Unthinking: Kaben had asked Kroos, among other things, whether the distress of the Spaniards had come as a surprise to him. Babbel understands his snotty answer. So it is “completely natural that you get into trouble, that you need an outstanding goalkeeper, that you need an outstanding defensive performance”. After all, the Reds are “not a windfall opponent” on the pitch.

Rethinking: Kaben himself told the “Bild” that he regretted the course of the interview. So a provocation by Kroos was not intentional.

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