It evokes the criticism that the thousands of Spanish fans were allowed to come at Anfield under coronaviruskrise.

the Champions League match between Liverpool and Atlético Madrid on 11. march at Anfield was played in front of the 52.267 spectators.

And it was similar to a criminal offence, believes Liverpool manager Jürgen Klopp allegedly.

Of the 52.267 spectators at Liverpool’s home ground was several thousands from Spain. At the time, the country had just registered its first death as a result of the corona virus.

Further, Spain had introduced a ban on gatherings of more than 1000 persons.

Still, the fight in the Liverpool game filled the grandstands.

Everton coach Carlo Ancelotti has been in contact with Jürgen Klopp.

I was in contact with Klopp earlier in the day. He said that it was a criminal act to play the battle with the tanks on the circumstances, says Ancelotti in an interview with the Italian sportsavis the Corriere dello Sport.

The same believes Liverpool’s mayor, Joe Anderson.

– We talked a lot about it then and thought it was uncomfortable to wish Atlético-fans are welcome, when they had not allowed to take on their own stadium.

– unfortunately, It was not my decision to make, when I had not the government with me. I believe that the government should have done something, said the mayor.

the Same day was the showdown between Paris Saint-Germain and Borussia Dortmund played in Paris, but the battle was too empty grandstands.