Sadio Mané will accept it, if Liverpool miss out on the championship because of a sæsonaflysning.

Liverpool star Sadio Mané will have an understanding if the Premier League will be called off without the crowning of a champion, although Liverpool thus miss the first league championship in 30 years.

I will win the matches and take the trophy. It would I love. But in this situation I could understand it, regardless of what it ends with.

– This is my dream, and I want to win the title this year. But if it is not the case, then I will accept it. It is a part of life. Hopefully we can win the title next year, says Sadio Mané to Talksport.

As the range was put on hold because of coronakrisen led Liverpool otherwise with 25 points down to Manchester City and was looking simply to pick up six points in the remaining nine matches for the mathematically securing the title.

But with the continued uncertainty about the possibility at all to get the season completed by the end of the disease Britain is nothing given.

– It has been difficult for Liverpool, but it has been more difficult for millions of people the world over.

– Some have lost family members, and it is a more difficult situation, says Mané.

speculation about a possible skrivebordsafgørelse in the Premier League, also the president of the union of European Football associations, Aleksander Ceferin, expressed its opinion. For him is Manés the thoughts of a lost championship completely unfounded.

To the slovenian media Ekipa24 said that he can’t see how Liverpool can’t get the title.

the fighting game, the league leaders as well as impossible to obtain.

the fighting not the game, there are nevertheless a master.

– And I can’t see – I can’t imagine a scenario where the master will not be Liverpool, said the Uefa president.

There is no game matches in the Premier League since 9. march.