Since the pandemic, Microsoft Teams has taken root in many offices around the world. Microsoft is now showing with Teams Premium that they are serious about the AI ​​strategy. ChatGPT technology is integrated for an additional charge of initially 7 US dollars per month and user and from summer 10 dollars.

In general, Microsoft has zeroed in on the subject of AI. Rumor has it that Windows will also get a dose of AI features.

Reducing costs and increasing productivity, that could be the title of any manager seminar. Microsoft is committed to this as a motto for Teams Premium. It should judge the integrated AI, which comes from OpenAI.

Teams Premium integrates GPT-3.5. Generative Pre-trained Transformer is the AI ​​model behind ChatGPT. In teams, various AI functions should become possible:

Microsoft Teams Premium requires a paid Teams subscription. This can then be upgraded to the premium version for an additional charge. But you don’t have to buy a pig in a poke, Microsoft is granting a free 30-day trial of Teams Premium.

After the test phase you have to pay: The surcharge for an introductory phase is 7 US dollars per month and user. From July 2023, however, the price will rise to 10 US dollars. The German Microsoft page for Teams Premium still speaks of a preview, although Microsoft has confirmed general availability. Euro prices have not yet been published either.

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