“Marriage”, “Wolves and sheep”, “the Queen of spades”, “the snow Queen”, “Mad money”, “Eight loving women”, “the Heart is not stone”, “Inspector”, the concert “Letter from the front” – the nine of repertoire performances will be available on the Youtube channel of the theater.

may 1, will show the Gogol’s “Marriage” staged by the artistic Director of the Maly theater of Yuri Solomin. Play Lyudmila Polyakova, Irina Muravyova, Valery Afanasiev, Alexander Vershinin and others. The main role of Podkolesin and Agafia Tikhonovna – the play will be performed by young actors Gregory Skripkin and Karina sahanenko.

may 5 – “Wolves and sheep”. This play by Alexander Ostrovsky at all times was a kind of calling card of the Maly theatre and will withstand a considerable number of productions, in which shone the best artists of the troupe. Online viewers will show the performance directed by Vitaly Ivanov, who had to go through a bigger test of time: 25 years since the premiere of this “Marriage” is always the audience.

may 9, the 75th anniversary of the Victory in the great Patriotic war concert “letters from the front”. Theater actors read the front letters-triangles – documentary evidence of war. Under orchestra sounds and songs of wartime, and the verses of poets, veterans: Eduard Asadov, Konstantin Simonov, Iosif Utkin and many others.

may 15 – “the Queen of spades” through the eyes of Andrew Zhitinkin. The role of the Countess at the Maly theatre – the inimitable Satire Theater actress Vera Vasilyeva.

may 16 – “the snow Queen” for children. One of the most popular viewers children’s holidays Moscow, the play-record: statement by Vitaly Ivanov in the Small theatre held more than a thousand times.

may 19 – “Mad money”, not one emerging from the financial crisis: a play in repertoire from may 1998. Ostrovsky directed by Vitaly Ivanov.

may 22 – “Eight loving women”. Detective story, Robert tells Tom directed by Vladimir Beilis and leading actress of the Maly theater. The action takes place in isolated estates where eight women are preparing to celebrate Christmas.

may 26 – “the Heart is not a stone”. Ostrovsky directed by Vladimir Dragunov. Vasily Bochkarev in the form of a merchant Cerkonova deciding who to leave your serious condition: his young wife, nephew lazy or poor to daily remembered him in prayers?.. The performance awarded five award “Golden diplomas” international theatre forum “Golden knight”: Vasiliy Bochkarev his role Potap Potapych Karmanova; Gleb Podgorodinskiy for the role of Konstantin Lukic Karmanova; Vladimir Dubrovsky for the role of Isay Danilovich Khalimova; the costume designer Oksana Yarmolnik and stage artist Maria Rybasova for best set design.

may 29 – “the Inspector General”. Production by Yuri Solomin and Vasily Fedorov. In the role of Mayor – Victor Grassroots. Premiere state��Las in October 2006.

All evening broadcast will begin at 19:00 children’s performance “snow Queen” at 14:00. Show each performance will be available within 24 hours.