fashion Experts have listed seven Independent summer things according to the rules of etiquette is unacceptable to wear to the office in hot weather. Their recommendations are published on the newspaper’s website.

In the first place in the list of journalists put men’s shorts, declaring that in this way the employee looks unprofessional. “You’re like a student who got lost in the school corridor,” they concluded.

the Second was shale. “When you walk they make a popping sound, which will irritate all the colleagues”, — stated in the material. According to stylists, these shoes went out of fashion and can spoil any image. Instead of slates women are advised to give preference to sandals and men to come to work in shoes.

The third place came the sleeveless tank tops, which are advised to replace the thin linen shirts, the fourth — tops with an open back. “The last talk about you two things. First you like someone from colleagues, second — you don’t wear bra” — said the experts.

they were followed by similar to nightgowns slip-dress, crop tops and white skinny jeans. These things, the experts advised to put in his spare time, festivals and parties.

In July, the Russians chose the most irritating factor in the appearance of colleagues. It was the untidiness. On the second hit too flashy style of dress, the third — brightest hair coloring.