The manufacturer AIA S.p.A. is significantly expanding its sausage recall. In addition to a number of poultry products, some pork sausages are now also affected.

The AIA (Agricola Italiana Alimentare S.p.A.) recently announced a recall: Listeria was detected in a batch of the manufacturer’s poultry sausages. Although these are rendered harmless if they are prepared according to the instructions (“heat through before consumption”), the group still wants to “consider all eventualities”.

The manufacturer is now reporting via “” that the recall must be significantly expanded. Numerous other sausage products are affected by Listeria infestation.

In addition to nausea, vomiting or diarrhea after eating affected food, Listeria can also trigger symptoms similar to a flu infection after more than three weeks.


Customers who have purchased one of the affected products can also return the goods to the respective store without presenting a receipt. For German customers, this is the third major sausage recall in a very short time. You can find out which products are also affected here.

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