In the vast majority of the Flemish towns, the places that recycle it tomorrow/Tuesday to re-open it. The city loves its parks are temporarily closed in order to call, and due to environmental factors and to avoid them. Wherever the call is made to the public to just come in for urgent matters. The places that recycle, that are opened, use of strict security measures and restrictions are in force, such as a single-visit appointment or visit to get the 14 day period.


In the province of Antwerp, belgium continue to be the places that recycle, Tuesday closed. in the town of Antwerp in belgium. is a city expands, temporarily, however, the garbage collection including pick up of bulky and steenpuin to the house on Monday. Also, tree trimming will be picked up with the weekly WASTE pickup.

IOK Waste management, with the places that recycle, 29, both by national municipalities, the household with the adjusted rules, except that, in the Baarle-Hertog and civil registry . The waist collection for the residents of Baarle-Hertog and the Dutch municipalities of Baarle-Nassau and Alpes-Had , will remain closed because of the special place of the church. The garbage collector then runs on.

Ivarem, 11, places that recycle in 10 communes of the arrondissement (district) of Mechelen , expect long lines, and to install cameras at all the entrances. For example, a site visitor in advance to see how long the queue is.

in the Province of East-Flanders, belgium).

Ghent , the capital of East-Flanders, belgium, five of the six household under the strict terms and conditions opens. It’s a small recyclagepark of Gentbrugge , the area will remain closed. Ivago is asking only for the recyclagepark to come out when absolutely necessary. A basis of asbestos and the textile industry will be rejected. The afvalintercommunale clear ontsmettingsteams and flight attendants who have control of the publieksstroom.

ILVA opens its parks to the Brussels , and 14 other cities, towns and municipalities, whether they restrictions are in effect.

selling them, that’s 10 places that recycle open in the Berlare, Buggenhout, Dendermonde, Hamme, Laarne, Lebbeke, Melle, Wetteren and Wichelen and fear was in a rush and a shortage of personnel. But, residents can be at the appointment to pay a visit to the household. Batteries, textiles, asbestos, and landbouwfolies are not allowed.

Miwa opening 6 of the 5 places that recycle, except for Vlyminckshoek in the Saint Nicholas .

as the IDM, which is active in the Lochristi, Lokeren, Moerbeke, Wachtebeke, Zele, belgium, and Zelzate , the inauguration of the places that recycle matter.

Assenede is the recyclagepark by appointment only, open for the garden waste.

in the Total < / I> , the recyclagepark open, but only for garden waste.

Deinze to open the recyclagepark on Tuesday.

Landegem and Kruisem you can go on Wednesday, but we have been asked to visit, to ask if it is possible.

the Province of West-Flanders, belgium).

In West-Flanders, belgium, will open in all of the municipalities and the landfill management on Tuesday again, as the doors to the public.

In the theme parks afvalintercommunale Imog region of the Courtrai in order to get people older than 65 for the first hour or two will take priority. Several of the parks, work at the event.

IVVO, the region is of Furnes, Ypres, ) allows only one visit every 14 days.

Roeselare , and, otherwise, there will be a rotating basis based on collection days. Most of the churches are calling, explicitly, only to arrive and have to be sorted. In some of the parks for the duration of a visit is limited, and it may be that a visitor only has a limited number of types of waste to bring to the table.

In Ostend will be the main entrance and the railings on the containers to get the half-an-hour to clean.

the Provinces of Flemish Brabant and Limburg).

In Flemish-Brabant and Limburg, all the places that recycle on Tuesday to re-open. In afvalintercommunale families once every two weeks is permitted. Also, cities, towns, and municipalities in the province of Limburg, have taken measures to make the allocation to the guarantee, including single visits by appointment, and a limit on the number of visitors to the site.

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