because of supply problems with over the counter medicines to children to be made liquid panodil now prescription.

the Danish medicines agency is now introducing temporary restrictions on analgesic over the counter medicines to children. Liquid panodil and the like will only be dispensed against a prescription for children under 10 kilos.

the Reason is the situation created by the corona virus, which have led to problems with supply.

the Danish medicines agency has determined that it is in an interim period are only pharmacies, which must negotiate the medicinal product paracetamol in products intended for children.

the Agent, who is probably most known in brands such as Panodil, available to children in a liquid form and suppositories. So far it has been possible to buy the medicine in a number of supermarkets, kiosks and petrol stations.

– There is great pressure on the demand with the companies that produce the medication, and COVID19 pandemic have contributed to it, said Thomas Senderovitz, who is the director of the Danish medicines agency.

While stikpillerne, which is intended for children between 10 and 15 kilos, can still be obtained over the counter, so can the liquid medicine be purchased only on prescription. And the agent must be provided only to children who weigh less than 10 kilograms.

If the child weighs over 15 kilos, you can according to the Danish Health and medicines authority give the child paracetamol in the tablet form. The dose is, however, lower than adults, for example, a child at 15-19 pounds only half a tablet three times a day.

Already in the previous week introduced restrictions on the sale of, among other paracetamol for adults. It happened in connection with that the minister of health enabled lægemiddelberedskabet, as it is called.

The decision led to, that you can only buy a single pack of a certain type of over the counter medicines.