Julie Bloch Lauridsens firm stroking of the place, after she in the beginning of February were in the ‘Lion’s den’.

Good enough she had to leave the program without an investment, but just a few days after the release, she had sold out, and since then she has due to corona-the crisis not had the items in stock.

Still pouring it in with pre-orders on the entrepreneur a little curious goods.

NipNap, as her company is called, sells, namely the so-called chips-cutlery. The product is designed as a small, sustainable træpincet, and the purpose of the so-called NipNaps is to get greasy chipsfingre to life.

And there are indications therefore, that the danes are with the idea of chipsspisning, where one should not have the greasy of the famous arch down in chipsskålen. Right now have several thousand namely, put a pre-order, says Julie Bloch Lauridsen, who, however, will not come into a concrete number.

“We are in the small thousands. It is not what this is about. It is just mega cool, that people want to support the business. I think that several have been aware of the cleanliness and bacteria these days, and though it is not how it is, NipNap speaks to, contributes product to the cleanliness.”

Træbestikket get Julie Bloch Lauridsen, produced in China, and the entrepreneur has therefore already from the start of the corona-the outbreak marked its consequences, because the factories closed down.

time and Time again she was obliged to inform its customers that the delivery was postponed. Still have the vast majority shown great understanding, she says.

“It is of course frustrating that there are so many who are waiting and looking forward to receive the product. It is super tough, but there is not really anything to do about it. I must just be open and say it as it is, to my customers.

On the question of why the 25-year-old entrepreneur continues to accept pre-orders, when she now for several months have failed to deliver, she replies:

“the Danish legislation is, of course, that you are not allowed to withdraw the money before the goods are sent, so I do not, of course.”

“I could also have made a waiting list, but it is easier to do it this way, so can I just process, when the goods come.”

And the goods should be right on the stairs, tells Julie Bloch Lauridsen. Goes everything as it should, she can indeed send NipNaps out again from 1. may. Preparations for this are also small and gone in the time.

“I’m in the process of writing all kurverterne. I do this by hand, so it takes a lot of time. Right now doing I 100 on the day. It is a good objective, for it is enough for the batter, but it is not so many that you become completely light-headed in the head,” laughs she.

Although coronavirussen has created some bumps on the road for the entrepreneur, she holds the spirits and courage up.

“the Key in this crisis must be that one is hopeful. Not being scared, stop and hold with its plans.”