The Lion Diet was developed by Canadian Mikhaila Peterson. With this diet you should eat your fill of meat every day and even lose weight. However, the diet is also very dangerous for the body.

The Lion Diet consists exclusively of water, salt and meat from ruminants, including cattle, cows, sheep and deer. Other types of meat, vegetables, nuts and grains are taboo.

To get full, you eat up to a kilo of meat a day. For comparison – on average, women in Germany eat 83 grams of meat per day, and men eat 160 grams, but the trend has been falling for years.

Blogger and podcaster Mikhaila Peterson has long suffered from health conditions such as arthritis and autoimmune diseases. She also had depression. She tried to find out which foods are good for her health. She simply left out some foods.

She says the Lion Diet has significantly improved her energy levels, mental health, and digestion. For the last five years, she has been eating only meat, salt and water.

In the Lion Diet there are no restrictions on the amount of food or the number of calories. You can eat as much as you want – as long as it’s meat. You can eat the meat raw or cooked. Internal organs of the animals such as liver and brain are also allowed.

Since only a few feel like a fried steak in the morning, people usually fast until lunchtime.

The Lion Diet is very similar to the Carnivore Diet. Here, too, the diet is exclusively meat. However, the foods in the carnivore diet are seen more flexibly – poultry, fish, butter, dairy products, eggs and spices are also allowed.

Supporters of the Lion Diet believe the diet can cure allergies, improve mood, and help maintain a healthy weight.

But beware – these positive opinions should not be blindly believed. Because the Lion Diet is a very one-sided form of nutrition. Every one-sided diet causes deficiency symptoms over a longer period of time. In the long run, this can make you ill because weak points develop in the body.

Even if meat has important nutrients, others are missing. For example, vitamin C is almost exclusively found in fruit and vegetables, which are strictly forbidden in the Lion Diet.

Fiber is also not included in the meat diet. They can support digestion significantly. Secondary plant substances are also neglected.

The Lion Diet was not primarily developed for weight loss. However, you may lose weight if you only eat meat for a while.

This is mainly because high-carb snacks are not allowed. For example, chocolate in the evening or a croissant in the morning are taboo.

However, you should remember that with the Lion Diet, a nutrient deficiency is very likely. In addition, the yo-yo effect threatens when you return to a normal diet.

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