The music of Lindsay Lohan (33) will take on Friday for her first single in twelve years. The former kindsterretje informed on Wednesday announced a twenty seconds of the song on Instagram.

“this song is about you discovering, and accepting it, you shut down all of the noise, then go ahead and let go of the past,” he writes of the ‘Mean Girls’actress about her new single, called ‘Back To Me’ as it is called. “It’s about being in the moment and live in it.”

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Lindsay released in 2004 for the first time, a record, ‘Speak’. The album reached the platinum status. For a year, followed ” A Little More Personal (Raw)’, in which the actress is a golden record, in a package that is easy to take. In 2008 the single “Bossy” from, that is as much of a success it was.

Last summer, left Her in a show in Dubai for a while to hear a new song that’s soon to be released is a song about the addictive tranquilizer Xanax. What are the plans for the single is done, it is not clear.

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