reconciliation of two rivals and a 80. Birthday: So Sunday ended after 34 years with the result “goodbye” To Germany’s cult series “Lindentraße”.

The spectacular, oblique impact, there had been already the beginning of March. In the end you could see again what was usual, – the life, the Love and of the inhabitants of Germany Suffer from most famous TV-road.

And the fact that the last episode is so “normal” with the Celebration of the 80. Birthday is gone in the “Acropolis” to the end, you have theoretically the possibility to revive the series at some point again…

Also had to take a cult-figure of mother Mary Gordon farewell …photo: WDR/Steven Warner

As Anna Ziegler (60, Irene Fischer) mother Mary Gordon (Marie-Luise Marjan, 79) ausspannte her husband, Hans, was spat on, the actress is still on the road. Now finally, the two rival along the inside finally. Helga Stewart saved you, even with your testimony before the jail visit.

All will be well!

And your claim to include the latest topics, the “Linden street” up to the end, faithful. As was mentioned in a scene in a news story, even the Coronavirus is from the short.