The first warm rays of the sun strip on my face. I can smell you and track the head over the balcony railing. From the shadow into the light. Bright dots dancing before my closed eyelids. For a Moment, I want to perceive all of that. The Morning. The world out there. The people who are missing. The cool Wind, the now quieter main road, the noise of the trees, that I could never hear a strangely peaceful big city silence. As I open my eyes, to discover a man from the house. He also stands on his balcony, holding a Cup in the Hand and looks at me. I smile back, he smiles and we nod at us. For a Moment a connection is there. Not romantic, not sexual, it is an innocent “I see you. And this is beautiful. Although I don’t know you.”

So I now start my days in the home office. It is the reality of many people since Covid-19. The Coronavirus brings great suffering, uncertainty and fear, with – it but has done something that we thought only a second big Bang, the: our globalized, to draw on power, selfishness, and consumer-focused existence of the plug. The world stops, literally, the breath. Our life as we knew it, was lifted within a few weeks from his fishing. Nothing goes more. In particular, with regard to social interactions.

future researcher sees opportunity in crisis

“There are historical moments in which the future change of direction. We call them bifurcations. Or Deep Crises. These times are now,” explains Trend researcher and futurologist Matthias Horx (, And that, in this crisis is also an opportunity would be. Because of how we want to live according to Corona more alone decide we the people. This may only sound like a bad joke, when one thinks of quarantine, forced Isolation and hoarding. And it is true, physically, we are experiencing a Apart instead of the usual co-existence. Mentally, however, we can come closer together than ever before. Pre-Corona, we were physically closer, and we were in the head-usually at ourselves. We have passive and consumed excessively contacts, without understanding its value. Now, we take interactions aware of, to appreciate. Therefore, we understand, although we are not able to meet up spontaneously with friends: they are still there. To welcome with you and an Aperol for the first days of sunshine a year – via Skype, social media and many other Ways, which we now use for active communication. When the phone rings now, let’s go get it. A few weeks ago, still we should have waited, annoyed, until the caller gives up looking for it more on Instagram after superficial distraction.

It is a Shift of values takes place. Selfishness and Darwinian Thinking properties that were previously in the Patriarchal world is very high, in the course of no help if it comes to the running of the company as a whole from the living room, or if the concern of the parents takes the future out of hand. For this, skills such as commitment, courtesy, empathy and team skills experience a Momentum. We can be more at ease to talk about Fears, because it is not stamped it is now considered to be weak. On the contrary, this disclose of one’s own emotions brings us together.

At the Ruhr-University of Bochum, the happiness researcher Julia Krasko performs with her Team, currently a study, which deals with the social impact of the Coronavirus. The expert, according to the Chance that people back together through the extreme situation insist: “It is quite possible that close relationships will be stronger, and lots of relationships lose their meaning.”

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friends and family can be more important lost

strange how quickly pictures of “Outfits of the Day” and luxury goods in their luster, how unnecessary all-and-seen-Be is See – now, when it comes to existence and the own security here in the global North. It is a lesson that we should take seriously. Because that’s how upsetting this may be, it does us a service: it makes us of the importance of family and friends, clearly, it shows that no man is above another – and we are not above nature. All of this should be obvious, but it is caught in the vortex of selfishness, self-presentation, consumption and Stress behind. “Many will use this time to invest in relationships, many people will actively do something to maintain contact,” says happiness researcher Julia Krasko.

only the relationship to the Next could not But be close. It is also an opportunity for global solidarity is now. To observe this is probably the best in Italy, where millions of people had to stay for weeks at home. For days, they organized a balcony concerts through Online calls.

Suddenly, the aversion to the unpleasant neighbor is forgotten, suddenly no mental distance between Strangers, is here. And with friends, partners, family, we are alone together in this time, which seems like the Plot of a disaster movie. It is a collective bond, which acts across the country’s borders, even if they are closed for the first Time in the life of Millennials and Gen Z. Because everywhere in the world people are now facing the same challenges can only be mastered. Important: to let the fear of the own privileges, loss not gain the upper hand.

future researcher Matthias Horx outlined in his vision of the future for the time after the Corona the following: “crises act primarily by breaking up old phenomena […] That people were able to remain in spite of radical restrictions on solidarity and constructive, was the decisive factor: the human and social intelligence.”

I would like to believe that we can do this. And it’s not immediately forgotten, as soon as life goes back to normal. I will hold on to this desire and think about it every Morning when I see my neighbors, whose son and wife I have met already. Across the street.

This article was written by (Sarah Thiele)

*The contribution “As, of all things, Social Distancing it creates, that we will maintain interpersonal relationships and strengths”, published by Glamour. Contact with the executives here.