Victoria Bonia defended the persecuted Regina Todorenko.

Who knows how many thousand times she regretted his careless words, perceived by the public as a justification of domestic violence.

“What have you done to my husband are you hurt?” said the presenter.

As a result, the universal persecution, the loss of advertising contracts, the deprivation of the title “woman of the year”.

“I Want to support Regina Todorenko.
Not the first time I’ve noticed that people pounce like a herd of hyenas who stumbles and even admits his guilt!
And where is our humanity? The attitude we want and are waiting for its manifestation in similar situations!
Where is our forgiveness? We want to be forgiven! And stumble all!! It is our mistakes that we learn and through which we grow and become better!!!
If you radiate such malevolence in the world, don’t wait, dear, is that moment you will understand and support!!
I guarantee you, you will also tear apart!” asked Them to subscribers.

The opinions of the followers were divided. I remember some bad stuff from the past most Boni.

“Victoria, why are you getting that story? Remember when you beat the man, you were hurt and scared, you went to Church and asked God’s protection, do not climb and do not try to justify”.

Others, however, maintain its appeal to humanity.

“Those who attacked her is not much different from beating the man. It is the same violence against the person , only a moral one.”

As previously reported, “the Rambler”, the TV presenter Victoria Bonia snapped Ksenia Sobchak to block her account. The girl accused the journalist to copy image.

Publish from Victoria Bonya (@victoriabonya) 30 APR 2020 2:37 PDT