Life online: due to the coronavirus, the Russians rallied in the Network

online Lessons-drawing, gymnastics, excursions and performances Muscovites offer dozens of activities for every taste. Concerts to watch, sitting on the couch, and to train without leaving the apartment. What to do with myself for the quarantine period?

the Moscow Philharmonic left in isolation. In the hall are only allowed for our crew and operators, which broadcast the concert in the Network. The musicians play in absolute silence and not hear the applause. While Moscow soloists will play for an encore. The pros in this situation is, jokes Maestro: no one will clap in between movements.

people’s artist of Russia Denis Matsuev said that loves silence filled the hall, calling it understanding. According to him, this situation gives a completely different feeling.

the Pianist-virtuoso Denis Matsuev music calms. After reading the news, he goes to the piano to relieve stress by Brahms. Usually he has three hundred concerts a year. Now, almost one hundred had to be cancelled. While there is time — rehearsing.

to Maintain the form and call the fitness centers. In the hall — the coach in front of the camera.

the most Difficult to stay at home, of course, children, but during the quarantine, you can learn how to draw online lessons.

Artist from the Academy of gymnastics is also not idle. Let the house impossible to do high jump, but the coaches have managed to establish a system of training. And this, that to them in online classes to ask athletes from France and Germany.

the Museum is a living organism — say, Historical. He also went to the quarantine. All employees over the age of 65 was transferred to the “udalenka”. Online tours write guides, which is two less than 65.

Visitors of the Historical Museum can see even more than usual, such as closet, which is fashioned on the order of Menshikov as a sign of friendship with Peter I.

“Coronavirus COVID-19 — that’s the thing that makes us think more about each other. Despite the distance, where we are, not less than five feet, remember that we need to be closer to each other”, — said the Methodist Museum and educational activities of Cyril Klopkov.

Culture, art and sports bridge the gap. Now just that case when it is only in favor.