On the dining table in the open plan living kitchen of a modern three and a half room apartment with a colorful bouquet of Flowers is. Freshly picked in the garden of the Gemeinschaftshofs. In this former farmhouse, the couple Ott moved about three years ago in a rooftop apartment with a large balcony. Under the same roof, on three floors, living thirteen additional older individuals. All of this Ü60 have in the yard of her own home, divide spaces, but the community, like a large kitchen, den and hobby rooms, two Laundry rooms and a seat in the large garden with barbecue.

“We wanted to regulate everything, as long as we can independently, and have decided a matter, from our large house to take off,” explains Pia and served coffee. A retirement home was not an Option for the couple. The project common courtyard, a planned residential community with age-appropriate apartments in a former farmhouse, for residents of the municipality or the Wehtal, the sound for Otts tempting.

Anyone can, no

must be “it was the best decision we could have made,” says the 68-Year-old and enough Pretzel. “The baked Hilda. You can super-baking, and every Sunday, bring the braid to the Sunday brunch,” says Pia Ott about a roommate in the private courtyard. Usually Otts take part in the common brunches and table in the community are also at the weekly lunch courtyard. “Here, you can, in all activities and occasions, everyone and his skills, but nobody has to do anything,” says Peter Ott. From the garden he has work enough. “I did it for years in our old house.”

his wife is rather less in the garden at Work. “Here I enjoy the garden mainly. I can cook but like to, and that’s why I cook from time to time for the common lunch table.” The lunch table in the private courtyard in a Central location open to all villagers in advance. Part of the operating concept is that the residents have more part of the village community and the common courtyard, generation can be used. It can sometimes be noisy and turbulent, as during the tour in the lounge on the ground floor shows.

visitors and new friends

every Wednesday morning uproar when punctual-Träff, built, painted, and laughed. Young parents and children from the village, in part, also a grandson of the house’s inhabitants, meet here regularly with your kids for play and Fun. When the door is closed is heard from the noise of children in the rest of the house and the apartments, nothing. Also in the garden, you take nothing except the noise of the stream and birdsong to be true.

Hilda Bachmann brings out the raised bed of fresh salad for your lunch. The former farmer is one of the first residents in the private courtyard. You plant and cultivate in the garden beet, not beetroot, berries and fruits, when they is doing some baking. Roommate Arthur Heusser joins in the garden spontaneously to Pia and Peter Ott.

He has his two-room apartment right next to the Otts. For as long as possible, he looked after his sick wife in his own house, until he found in the middle old age home for a suitable care place. “My adult children have me encouraged me in the common courtyard, register,” says the former electrical engineer.

From his new roommate, other residents he knew in front of the respect of anyone. Meanwhile, as a result, but some close male friendships. Together, they go regularly to the swimming pool. “Trio Infernale they call us,” says the 80-year-old pensioner, laughing.

neighbourhood help and carpooling

in Particular, carpools are formed among residents often. A car moves in front of the entrance. A resident has driven a roommate to the doctor and brings her home. Also Pia Ott moves, in contrast to her husband, still in the car. To with larger purchases, according to Dielsdorf you always roommates. “On Whatsapp we have a group chat. So we can inform each other or send to us and sometimes funny Videos or pictures,” says Pia Ott and shows, laughing your cell phone. “We are not quite old-fashioned and know us a little.” So all the knowledge in the common courtyard, where help or assistance with the roommates is required.

Each also has a flat key of at least one neighbor for any emergencies, for watering the plants or for the cat to Feed, when the active seniors are traveling. But not all of them are still as fit as Pia and Peter Ott. They belong to residents of the younger house. “At the Moment, we can give the community here a lot and do like it. But that can change with time. Give is easier for me than to receive,” says Peter Ott.

On a good mixing, care is taken in the selection of tenants. If necessary, the nurse comes to the house, basically, the residents must be in the common courtyard, but still able to cope with everyday life itself. Pia Ott: “It was a super decision, here. Each takes the other as he is.” Husband Peter added: “as Long as we fall to anyone to the load, and we want to stay here.” Understandable, because in the common courtyard, is lived at an advanced age once again, in full, and not just in the usual way.

The co-operative common courtyard, Niederweningen, Switzerland is regarded as one of the flagship projects in municipalities for Housing in old age. The goal is to allow people from the Region in the third phase of life, an active life and living in the middle of the village. At the same time it’s supposed to be a meeting place for the residents and the village population. One of the driving forces behind this old concept of living, the former Banker and lawyer, Urs Bürchler from Niederweningen is.

The initial joint-stock company with the participation of the community in the Form of an interest-free loan was later converted to a cooperative with Share certificates. “We are in the case of the municipality of the beginning of our idea for the common courtyard, on interest and joined,” explains Urs Bürchler. The apartments could be rented after the conversion is also easily and are currently rented all of them.

for More information, see the private courtyard.ch