Lier Kempenzonen has the day after a new coach is introduced. In the almost forty years that Tom Van Imschoot has signed on to it, So that is a contract for two more seasons. The second tier of belgian football was in it’s last season, which is Friday, the football association has been terminated because of the corona virus, the age of thirteen, in the first amateurdivisie, and was only just holding it together.

“The choice is for the Lier, was soon made, and showed Van Imschoot know in the first reply. “Lier, in my view, a huge, beautiful club, a sleeping giant, and I want to help you wake up. After this season, we have to be very humble and hard-working.”

Van Imschoot was a player at the highest level for STVV, Football, the Mountains and the beach and the sea. As a coach, he gained experience in in-1B in in Lommel, belgium. Last summer, he moved as a T2, Felice Mazzu, to Racing Genk, but here they were, together, in november, dismissed him.


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