The private life is sacred to the British, always. Earlier, he had shared it on the social networks with millions of. Now, it is still the only Superstar in the GP circus.

Only Hamilton brings a little Hollywood to the paddock, where most of the pilots, unfortunately, almost only as puppets of the Teams around fidget. Own opinions are in the formula 1 is hardly available.

“Happier than ever!”

Earlier, the love Lewis has thrown from the train. Especially, the often-public Theater with Pussycat Nicole Scherzinger (41) slowed him. The time of concentration on the slope are long gone. As the One-Day-Trips from Europe to California in a private jet, he has now sold.

Hamilton says: “I’m happier and fitter than ever before in formula 1. And in Austin, I celebrated with the whole family. The family is always at the very top in life. And one day I want to start a family and then have children. For sure the biggest target.”

when he takes Schumi?

The Briton it had betrayed a VIEW of two years ago in Singapore. Honest, open and always with a Smile.

“The liar,” the 83-times GP winner only when it comes to the records of Michael Schumacher (50). “Not in the foreground! They come when they come, maybe!” But Lewis is hungry, and even more ambitious: The 91 GP wins and 7 titles of the Germans are for the 150-fold pedestal-man (Schumi 155 has …) is a Must for the future.

was Hamilton close to perfection …

what Lewis is now looking forward to the most? “The last two races we want to win. And I would like to conquer after many attempts, finally once again a Pole Position. With a dream round of 2018 in Singapore. There, I’ve almost reached the perfection that there is in racing, actually. You had to get you simply put on every day when you look in the mirror, new goals, and you always say: “never Give up.” Otherwise, the whole effort makes no sense. This was the Motto I grew up in England as a very young child.”

Lewis continued: “And then I experience 2019 a further highlight: The unfortunately-too-short winter break. Now everything is according to the title, much too emotional. But in the break, the true joy comes from. If I can finally put your feet up and with my dogs games.”

“Demons quickly

wishes to distribute”? Lewis: “I hope that I stay fit and healthy. And I continue to laugh every day – and the days enjoy the can we call life! Demons appear, then I try to distribute as all the people of the world – fast.