MMA fans have taken aim at UFC heavyweight Curtis Blaydes using Rachael Ostovich’s new smoking beach snaps as ammunition after Blaydes questioned whether the women’s flyweight was fighting in the organisation on merit or on looks.

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Blaydes took issue with Ostovich and fellow female fighter Paige VanZant – who have a combined professional MMA record of 12 wins and 10 losses – accusing them of achieving slots on UFC cards dues to ‘sex appeal’ rather than fighting credentials. 

“So you telling me Paige Vanzant and Rachel Osto-whatever actually deserve time remain on the UFC’s roster for their ‘athletic achievements’ and their not just on cards for their sex appeal?” Blades said on social media.

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America’s Sweetheart VanZant already responded with an Instagram post from the weigh in before the pair’s fight in January last year, which she won by 2nd-round submission: “Good thing we’re so pretty. It’s going to make when we punch each other in the face hurt a lot less….. but that much HOTTER.”

A post shared by Rachael Ostovich (@rachaelostovich) on May 7, 2020 at 11:06pm PDT

Ostovich remained silent on the matter but on Friday posted snaps from a serene beach wearing a new bikini range with the caption: “Anybody else gained that quarantine 15?” a tongue-in-cheek reference to weight gained while in quarantine, with a nod to her ample curves.

MMA fans jumped on the opportunity to take aim at number 3-ranked heavyweight Blaydes in an attempt to make him ‘mad’.

Let’s make Curtis Blaydes mad 🌚

That opened up a debate over Blaydes’ standpoint, with some agreeing with the 13-2 fighter, and others preferring to simply “let hot women be hot”

Blaydes ain’t wrong though, no way your in the ufc with a losing record if you don’t look like this

Jeremy Stephens has the most losses in UFC history. BJ Penn had to get KO’d by a fat drunk guy in order to get cut after having the record for most UFC losses in a row. Let hot women be hot.

Direct responses to Ostovich’s post were much more homogeneous and positive, as she was greeted with a flurry of marriage requests and predictions that her post would break the internet, much like her former foe VanZant, who has a habit of flashing the flesh, especially during quarantine.