At the weekend the life partner of Klaus Wowereit (66), Jörn Kubicki (54), surprisingly, as a result of Corona is deceased. The LGBT Community and celebrities mourn with the former Berlin mayor, to his great love – so, too, Saskia Valencia. The actress was speaking in a Talk-round, now for the first Time publicly about her son’s homosexuality.

In the Corona-crisis must also go to prominent new paths or take the time to do what they had always been Lust.

With “Let’s talk, girls!” have four Girlfriends now a long-awaited dream.

Monday to Friday presenter Marijke Amado (66), “Let’s Dance”-Jury member Motsi Mabuse (38), TV presenter Marlene Lufen (49) and actress Saskia Valencia (55) meet on the net and talk about life and love – friend-to-friend.

Marlene Lufen (o. l.), Motsi Mabuse (u. l.), Marijke Amado (o. r.) and Saskia Valencia (u. r.) have a week ago “Let’s talk, girls!” on the Facebook photo started: Let’s talk about girls!/Youtu

“I’m gay, and that is a good thing”

On Monday the death of Jörn Kubicki was a theme in the girls round. With the Coming-out of Berlin, Klaus Wowereit, in 2001, and his sentence “I’m gay and that is a good thing”, had made the Couple’s homosexuality overnight in society and paving the way for more acceptance in the society is paved.

Klaus Wowereit and Partner Joern Kubicki (l) at the Premiere of disney’s Gloeckner von Notre-Dame, 2017 in the Theater des Westens in Berlin photo:

Saskia Valencia that is now sitting in a hut in the Tyrol, and the death of Kubickis particularly moving. After consultation with her son Leonard, the actress spoke for the first Time publicly about the Coming-out of the 27-Year-old.