Even more Trouble for the SBB. “Now you have to even in 1. Class,” says an annoyed reader the VIEW. Since one and a half weeks, the Commuter can’t find a seat, if you are driving from Lucerne to Freiburg.

The Problem: Since the summer, the train shortened so the car less. And then the passengers are jamming up.

she takes the early train

“I’ll take the train at 6 a.m. – in order to avoid commuter flows. And I a 1.-Klass-GA for 6300 francs, because I use the one and a half hours to Work and a seat need,” scolds the reader.

And she’s not the Only one, as you reported. In the case of the commuter community of your 6-o’clock-train, the anger is boiling. “The First think already back on the car switch.”

to blame are the special controls

to blame for the lack of space are among the special controls that implement the SBB after the fatal accident of Baden AG to all of the EW IV cars. “We can confirm that the individual trains with less EW IV cars operate as planned, also on the Lucerne–Bern–Geneva,” said spokesman Reto Schaerli. “That’s why these trains are shortened, the result of floor seats were increased.”

reason to be on the one hand, the special controls, but operational problems had come. The SBB regret the circumstances ask for the affected passengers to apologize.

On Monday 22 car

missing the car last week, according to Schärli Switzerland were missing about eight to ten. On Monday had been absent due to a passenger accident on the eve of the 22 car. “The Situation is improving from day to day,” Schärli, however. The special controls, for example, are completed by Wednesday evening.

as of Thursday, should be able to find the commuters between Luzern and Freiburg so, again, space. “I hope so”, the SIGHT-reader. (sf/pt)