Leonid Agutin: We - Russians and Belarusians - are doomed to live together

In Belarus I haven’t received, so I am very happy, – admitted then the musician. – “Slavic Bazaar”, perhaps one of the most “adult” festivals, which have survived many such projects. Longevity is achieved with very great difficulty. We – Russians and Belarusians – are doomed to live together. This festival we are laying another brick in building mutual prosperity.

Photo: Sergey Kuksin/ RG Alexander Petrov told about his childhood dream

last year, Leonid Agutin gave a great concert in Minsk. He started it with a fresh hit “I can’t see you” which became the soundtrack to the film “once upon a time”. For the concert, the artist chose an elegant outfit: he came on stage in white shirt and his favorite vest. The audience burst into applause.

Now, the popular Russian singer and songwriter is preparing the international music education forum, the information sponsor of which was the Belarusian Agency Sputniк. The forum is scheduled to take place in Sochi from 12 to 22 June. During the forum presentation was held a teleconference with the participants from Belarus. The finalist of the second season of “You’re super!” Faith jarošík admitted that with interest the work of Leonid Agutin and looking forward to a trip to Sochi.

Leonid, how did the idea of the forum?

Leonid Agutin: it is Necessary to convey a rich experience (smiles). I myself is in the family young actress, Lisa Varum, she is already twenty-one. I was negotiating with the Russian Ministry of culture about the establishment of the school. I was asked to prepare the children for the summer. Helped the Director of the United Directorate of music and entertainment broadcasting “First channel” Yuri Aksyuta. And I said Yes.

Where will the children come?

Leonid Agutin: Everywhere, a lot will be from Belarus. The Belarusian children have already participated in the first such forum. Really want to materialize the victory of our contestants. Thus, the channel NTV will allocate ten million rubles for scholarships to gifted children, and the poet and the businessman Mikhail Gutseriev will give ten apartments to talented children to study in Moscow. The program of our forum six areas: vocal, instrumental, dance, fashion track, the track of acting and stage movement, production and direction of entertainment for participants and accompanying persons.

who will be the lead?

Leonid Agutin: there are several: will deliver your humble servant, an American jazz vocalist Jamie Davis, the presenter Vadim Takmenev, music editors and educators. People’s artist of Russia Sergei Bezrukov promised to arrive for the day. In order for the children to learn, need a lot of forums. Summer, sea, sun, songs and dances, meeting famous people must all be like a holiday on a large camp.

Angelica entwined, as they say, tails. And then boil our joint work

What’s new will be on the second forum?

Leonid Agutin: will be held vocal-instrumental and dance competitions, they will involve children from seven to 20 years. They will compete as solo singers in four age groups, and as part of duets, vocal ensembles and instrumental ensembles. Dance competition will be held in the categories “solo” and “team”. And will be showing fashion at the height of 2200 meters.

How will you work with parents?

Leonid Agutin: This will also be games history.

are You not afraid that the coronavirus will break your plans?

Leonid Agutin: Music heals. Will mask logo.

How did you meet Angelica?

Leonid Agutin: As they say, is wovenwere tails. And then boil a collaboration. Recorded in 1997, the song “the Queen”, made a video, began to speak at concerts. Everything fell into place in the Christmas program “Old songs about the main thing-98”. I offered Konstantin Ernst to do a video-a snippet from “Seventeen moments of spring”: a secret meeting of Stierlitz with the wife at cafe Elefant. The role of the wife was invited to play Angelique. A sound background was assumed legendary as the film itself, “the Song about far Homeland” in my performance. On the set the first time we kissed. And left her after every take, holding hands. The wedding was played after the birth of his daughter Lisa. Wedding celebration in Venice formed the basis of the video for “Half heart”. I didn’t listen so neither my mom, nor dad, nor the commander of the army, as he began to listen to his wife.

Photo: Nikolay Galkin / TASS Yegor Konchalovsky: I, too, was a major

Be wife to participate in the forum?

Leonid Agutin: If you allow the tour schedule.


Leonid Agutin: Lisa lives far away in America. She has her own band Without Gravity. She works from morning till night. Learning. I don’t think she will be able to break away.

you Have the book “Infinite music”.

Leonid Agutin: In this book there is no censorship, retouching and tie the conversations. Told in her history will never be shown on TV and not printed in the press. The book talked about the recording of the album Cosmopoliten Life in a duet with superstar guitarist al Di Meola and Russian-Cuban project Havana Calling on the Cathedral square of Havana. Permission then was given by Fidel Castro. My partner was a famous Cuban musician Orlando Valle Maraca, virtuoso jazz improvisations. GAla-concert on the Cathedral square of Havana gathered crowd of spectators. It was attended by many well-known Cuban musicians, headed by Amaray Portuondo. I was very worried, because the Cuban audience didn’t know me. Helped Maraca without his Titanic work I couldn’t do it. And people reacted very kindly.


Leonid Agutin: mostly his old songs: “Island”, “OLE-OLE”, “cheer up”… With singer-aboriginal Duo performed “Dark night” by Nikita Bogoslovsky in Spanish – I don’t know how they moved for Cubans “only bullets whistle on the steppe, only the wind hums in the wires” – come on Kostromskoi Cuba he has never heard of the steppes. And it wasn’t that bad!